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Friday, March 27, 2015

Podcast-Top Ten Indians and Pirates Prospects

We discuss the top ten prospects in the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates minor league systems.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another Cleaning of the Inbox

I know we just cleaned the inbox a few days ago,but these things can sometimes fill faster than others and since I have no news to write,I figured I would clean it out and keep the totals down.

Before we start I'd like to thank all of you that sent notes,messages,phone calls etc as my mom has suffered another stroke.
Looks like she is headed for a lengthy rehab stay as she attempts therapy to help her return to walking status.
Your thoughts have been appreciated.

Also wanted to thank those of you that have been giving the podcast a try.
I'm planning a podcast over the next few days that will cover the Indians,Pirates and maybe Giants prospects.
Normally this is a blog posting,but I think I'm going to make this a podcast and see how it works out.
Please feel free to pass us along to friends on the various social media platforms and otherwise as we would love to have the podcast become successful...

Two notable (to us) hirings at mid-major college basketball schools and it'll be interesting for us to follow as they head to their new jobs.

Cleveland Cavaliers legend Mark Price has held various jobs in the NBA-shooting consultant,color commentator (in Cleveland) and assistant coach (in Orlando and currently in Charlotte),but he has never been involved in college coaching-until now as Price accepted the head coaching position at Charlotte (formerly UNC-Charlotte).
Price is known as one of the nicest guys in the game and super knowledgeable,so the chops are there to be an excellent coach.
I'm also sure he will be liked by his players,but the top question is this-in this day and age-Can Price not be walked on by his players?
A mid-major job where the players are more likely to stay three or four years seems to be a perfect starting point for Price to test those waters.
I would not surprised in the least to see Price quickly turn Charlotte's fortunes around in Conference USA.....

Eric Musselman is notable for being a solid basketball mind that has some baggage after his NBA head coaching stints in Golden State and Utah,but has spent the last few years learning the college game as an assistant to Herb Sendek at Arizona State and last season to Johnny Jones at LSU.
The 50 year old son of the late Bill Musselman will get his chance to run a college program as he was hired at Nevada (Reno) as their new head coach.
The Mountain West is a better conference than is often given credit for so Musselman has work to do in rebuilding a team that went 9-22 last season,but I bet Musselman's commitment to defense might be able to make the Wolfpack contenders faster than most expect.
Credit to Ryan for sending me word of the Musselman hire.

We recently mentioned the death of former American League batting champion Alex Johnson and Hardball Times has a very interesting article on the career of Johnson.
I didn't know (other than obvious stats) that Johnson's career stalled so badly as an Indian that befuddled teammates watched him bunt time after time as if "he had lost confidence in his ability to swing away".
Good stuff on a player that at one time was among the best in the game.

I usually like making stops on youtube or various sites that show abandoned sites that once were popular and now are just left to fall down.
Some of these are amusement parks,stadiums,buildings etc,but this one from a photojournalist from the UK captures the former NASCAR stronghold at North Wilkesboro Speedway.
The last race at North Wilkesboro as a top level NASCAR track was in the first year of my few year run as a NASCAR fan,so I have a memory of the track,but the removal for the smaller,yet unique tracks in favor of the cookie cutter speedways in larger cities was the beginning of the end of my interest in the sport and (In my opinion) the beginning of the end of the upward fan interest in NASCAR.
Between the loss of the unique tracks and the retirements of the drivers that made the sport different and their replacements being right off the bland conveyor belt,it does not surprise me in the slightest that NASCAR's interest and TV ratings have dropped so far...

Glen Campbell's been in the news a lot lately for his Alzheimer's and the documentary on his final tour,but this note is about another documentary-this one on the legendary studio musicians-The Wrecking Crew.
Rolling Stone offers this article on Campbell's early touring struggles before he hit it big and when he opened for the Doors in the Pacific Northwest.
I'm a fan of both,but I'd be willing to wager that pairing wasn't filled with a ton of fans that crossed over liking both.....

We wrap up with the Asian "Fortune Teller" Spider,which apparently is making its home in the Southeastern region of the US.
The non-poisonous spider most likely hitched a ride on some sort of shipments and the weather in the area likely is a match for the humidity loving arachnid.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jennifer Pagliei Interview-Part Three

Our interview with Jennifer Pagliei continues with part three.
Jennifer discusses how she came to Hagerstown in this portion...

TRS: How did you get hired by Herald-Mail TV,did you approach them or vice versa?

JP: I saw a posting out on a website and applied to that job as well as 50 others. Other people in the business will tell you that you never know
what the company is looking for and to always apply, it just takes that one thing they are looking for. I basically got the job at HMTV6 right out of college and it was a great first learning experience for me, especially being completely new to the business.

TRS: I stumbled upon you by accident at work (readers know my situation) and was so impressed,How long were you on the air there?

JP: Why thank you! I graduated in May 2014, and was hired and basically moved to Hagerstown for September where I was basically trained in two weeks and thrown on air, you need to rip the band aid off and just jump on! You learn your mistakes by making them and rewatching
yourself over and over again. From September to March I was at HMTV6.

TRS: Herald Mail TV is only available on Antietam Cable and nowhere else. Did you find the lack of exposure frustrating or was it refreshing because you could learn with fewer viewers?

JP: Yes and no. On-air time is on-air time. You learn the ins and outs and the basics. I think this was a great first job experience for me. But to be able to grow you must be able to move on to bigger things and more challenging experiences.

TRS: Hagerstown media is very small and is very much like starting at the lowest level of minor league baseball-Tell me the pros and cons of this.

JP:Pros: a job is a job and especially in this market you need to get your foot in the door as fast as you can. It is all about who you know and once you are in the business you can able to network. Being in a small market I was still doing what I loved and that made it easy for me to
get up in the morning knowing I was going to go to work and do what I love.

Cons: Being in a small market is great for when you make mistakes but it is not somewhere if you want to improve and move on, somewhere to call home. You must be willing to pick up and move to
the next thing.

We will conclude our talk with Jennifer Pagliei in a upcoming post.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Podcast-Family,Browns,Boxing and Future Shows

Cleaning out the inbox

I was planning a larger post,but I'm going to delay it a bit due to a family issue with my parents,so I'll settle for a cleaning of the inbox.

Hardball Times hammers this pitch out of the park with a in-depth look at the managing record of one Charles Brown.
The fact that Brown retained his job over a 50 year run is frankly one of the most amazing stories in sports....

Recently I was talking to golf writer Pete Pappas about meeting players on the tour and Pete sent me this link from his blog,PGA Pappas about his meeting with Jack Nicklaus in 2013 at Akron's Firestone Country Club.
It is a super read about how sometimes your heroes measure up to your hopes of them.

Someone on Youtube finally uploaded the theme of the USFL San Antonio Gunslingers and I had to share it.
I've been looking for this since ESPN 30 for 30 on the USFL and former Gunslingers QB (and college coach) Rick Neuheisel sang a bit from the song.
I love stuff like this as it reminds of the my childhood when promotional commercials and songs were a much larger part of marketing than they are today....

If you listened to the last podcast where I spoke about the Monarch Butterfly,I discussed the problems currently with the Monarch habitat,well this site offers seeds for milkweed to add to the Monarch habitat for a very nominal cost.

That's all for today,back later tonight with the Devils vs the Kings

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Devils swim with the fishes in 3-0 loss

For a team going nowhere,but the golf course in a few weeks,the New Jersey Devils put forth a strong effort in a playoff atmosphere against the visiting New York Islanders,but two mistakes doomed them to a 3-0 loss at the Rock.
Cory Schneider finished with 27 saves in defeat.
The Devils host Los Angeles in their next outing..

Hell Raisers

1) The most disappointing thing was that I missed the final two periods of the Devils Friday win over Buffalo rather than this one.
Steve Bernier scored two goals for New Jersey in that win.
Darn the luck...

2) The game winner by the Islanders was scored by Eric Strome off a miscue as Cory Schneider shot the puck into the corner and take your pick of Eric Gelinas being slow to the puck or shoved off the puck,which allowed the Islander to control it and fire to a cutting Strome for the goal..

3) The Devils committed just one penalty,but the goal that took the Devils out of the game was affected by the that.
The Islanders scored just as the penalty expired on Travis Hamonic's goal.

4) Cory Schneider isn't Martin Brodeur in handling the puck and it showed on the game winner.
Schneider has been very strong in goal,but it'll be interesting to see if teams play more dump and chase to make Schneider play the puck more.

5) If there was a game that makes you look at the Devils needs for next season,this was it.
Lack of finishes (such as on a Steve Bernier/Scott Gomez two chance possession) and the lack of creativity is the main issue-the Devils need two scorers for next season.
If they don't get them,look for the same mediocrity for next season.

6) I did love the atmosphere in the crowd as the place was loud as lots of Islanders fans were at the game.
I was reminded of the feel of a Ranger or Flyer game and that's a good thing.
The Islanders have always been the little brother of rivalries because the Islanders have been bad for so long that you almost felt sorry for them.
No more,they are a talented young team and with their move to a newer arena next year,perhaps there could be a third rivalry growing for the Devils...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chuck Bednarik

Credit;Me.It's my card
I'm sure most of you long term readers recall that I was a Eagles fan from 1987 to the beginning of the Andy Reid years.
I became an Eagles fan because of my huge fandom of Buddy Ryan,I loved the crisp,kelly green uniforms and the Eagles ranked right there with the Browns.
That is how I became friends with Jeff Obert-Thorn through the Eagles and the draft.
I slowly pulled away from the Eagles between the hatred of Andy Reid's West Coast offense,a dislike of Donovan "Blame anyone,but me"McNabb and the change of helmets/uniforms to the infamous Midnight Green,but between my continued love for the teams I followed (those Eagles reside high right beside the 70's George Allen Redskins and the 70's & 80's Broncos of my youth) and the passion for the tradition of the game,I dove into Eagle culture.

And there is NO more loved Eagle by Eagle fans than Chuck Bednarik,who passed away this morning at the age of 89.
The last of the two way players (center and linebacker),the first ballot Hall of Famer (1967) would likely be the hands down winner if there was a voting for "Mr.Eagle".
The legendary "Concrete Charley" is remembered by most for two plays from the era where there isn't a ton of footage available-his tackle of Jim Taylor,holding Taylor to the ground as the time expired (it was legal then) in the last Eagles championship team in 1960 and the hit that drove Frank Gifford from the game for a season and change with the resulting iconic picture of Bednarik standing over a limp Gifford,like Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston.

However,there was far more to Bednarik than just those plays-his distinguished record with the Air Force in World War II,missing just three games in a career that spanned parts of three decades at positions that required a physical player to play and being an iconic figure to Eagles fans for just a few.
Bednarik was from a time when toughness was a prerequisite to play the game,not just being fast and strong in a workout.
The players of today are certainly faster,stronger and maybe even more talented,but they sure weren't tougher and they sure weren't grounded to earth like the players of old.
Chuck used to laugh when guys like Deion Sanders were touted as two way players which led to the famous comment that Sanders "couldn't tackle my wife",which if you had ever seen Deion Sanders tackle might not have been far off and I've never even seen Mrs.Bednarik!

The greatest generation continues to fall by the wayside and time defeats the toughest of us all,but I can safely say I doubt I'll ever see someone like Chuck Bednarik in the NFL in my lifetime again.