Saturday, September 5, 2015

Boise State nips Washington

I watched the Boise State-Washington game with mixed emotions.
I've became a Boise fan over the years of their little uprising vs the national powers and became a big Chris Petersen fan because of it.
As a result of Petersen,I started to pull for the Washington Huskies as soon as he went there, as you could have seen last season as I added Washington to the PPM,so I wasn't sure how I would handle watching Petersen's return to the blue turf with his Huskies in tow as the underdog,despite their Power Five conference status.

It wasn't tough in the end,as I rooted for Boise State in a less than thrilling 16-13 win.
Yes,there was a heartstopper at the end when Washington's Cameron Van Winkle's 46 yard field goal attempt just missed with seconds to go that could have forced overtime,but it was otherwise was not the best game that I ever watched.

It had to be emotional for both teams and I doubt that you will ever see another game between Petersen and Boise State,
This wasn't a crazy crowd fueled with anger,it was more of a respectful crowd that was thankful to Chris Petersen for his part in building Bronco football,yet realized that time marches on and his time had passed.

Each team dominated a half and as a result,you had a close game that went to the end,but the Broncos do have some things that they need to address..
Most notably of these is special teams,which allowed a punt return for a touchdown,a punt block that gave Washington another three points and had an extra point blocked,that would have taken the long field goal try out of play with a conversion.
Take special teams out of play and this game looks very different as the Boise State defense allowed just six points and both of those off bad field position.
I liked what I saw out of Jeremy McNichols as the running back replacement for Jay Ajayi with 89 yards and two scores,but I wondered about some of the play calling,which was pretty conservative.
Perhaps this was a result as the familiarity with Chris Peterson and this happens sometimes when staffs that know each other well,so it will be interesting to see how that plays out over the next few weeks.

The Boise State defense is going to be very tough to beat in the Mountain West,if they play anything like they did against Washington in allowing just 29 yards rushing.
I'm already looking forward to seeing the Broncos against the option of Air Force,who gave Boise State their only conference loss last season.

I'm not going to have regular coverage of Boise State or anything,but perhaps on occasion,I'll type out a post especially on non-Saturday games.
PC is still rolling for now,so if I can keep on line,I have another post planned for tonight....

Friday, September 4, 2015

Angry Food Review-Miller's Mustard

Why is this an angry food review?

Well,as I had mentioned the laptop seems to be wrapping up its lifespan,but once I'm able to get things rolling smoothly,it continues to buy me time.

So after I did the PPM,I decided to knock out a long overdue podcast with our college football preview and try to get it uploaded.
Of course,the PC shut itself down,while I was doing something at work and appeared to be DOA as 12 attempts to start Windows failed dismally.
In dismay,I tried again at home and on the second try-I got it working!
Here's the angry part-The podcast is gone.
Very upset after all that work.
I'm still working on things and Ryan is going to help me tomorrow,so hopefully it'll either be fixed or I'll be buying another one during the labor day sales at various stores,but that doesn't help the podcast any and all that work on a preview show that might never see the light of day is gone.

Earlier,this season at a Harrisburg Senators game,my buddy Mike Oravec bought me a hot dog (I do occasionally eat at Non-Hagerstown ballparks) and he put something that he described as "hot mustard" on it.
Not looking like mustard,but more like a dipping sauce or light jelly,I tried it and was stunned at how delicious it was!
It turns out that Miller's Mustard is based in Gibsonia PA and is a local standout.
Miller's comes in mild and sweet or hot and sweet (guess you know which I eat) and has not only an excellent flavor that's far from sizzling hot and an interesting texture as well.
The chunks of banana peppers add a little zip without the explosion of heat that some people just cannot take.
I bought a jar and the lovely Cherie and I quickly zipped through it because it's versatile enough to pt on almost anything!
Burgers,dogs,sausages and as a dip on about any snack food that you can imagine,Miller's hits the spot perfectly.

As a mustard lover of all types,as I've written about before,I'm not sure that I look at Miller's as a true mustard,but what I do look at it as is darn near indispensable in your fridge.
If you get a chance,pick up a jar of Miller's,even if you want to play it safe with mild!
Thanks to Fred Landucci for picking me up my new jar and to Mike Oravec for introducing me to a terrific product!

Until next time,whenever the PC allows..GRRRRR

Pigskin Picking Machine

The PPM returns for a new season and a new host.
After the previous two hosts from the sports world (ESPN"s Heather Cox and the LPGA's Jessica Korda),we move to the news dept for CNN's (and native Ohioan) Christi Paul.

Since there are no NFL games this week,I'll start with two games of the week....

Ohio State over Virginia Tech 35-19
Tennessee over Bowling Green 41-23
Boise State over Washington 35-29

Games of the Week
Alabama over Wisconsin 30-17
Notre Dame over Texas 24-14

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Browns release Phil Taylor

The Cleveland Browns made their latest required cut and one name stood out among all others-former first round defensive tackle Phil Taylor.

The Browns said the team had a lot of depth along the defensive line,which makes sense after the drafting of Danny Shelton and Xavier Cooper along with the addition of Randy Starks,but still ranks as a surprise considering the teams investment in Taylor,who missed much of last season.
Taylor was brought on board in 2011 as the Browns answer as the run stuffing DT that Pittsburgh and Baltimore always seem to possess.
At times,Taylor was able to provide those skills,but he often found the injured reserve list instead and those injuries slowly ate away at the agility of the former Baylor Bear,which made him largely immobile as far as any type of range went.

The release of Taylor,who will earn almost five and a half million this year even after his release,puts the final touches on what would rank as one of the worst trades in Browns history.
In 2011,the Browns had the 6th pick in the draft and could have selected the electric wideout from Alabama in Julio Jones.
Instead,the Browns traded the pick to Atlanta for their first,second and fourth in that draft and a first and fourth in the following draft.
Cleveland then traded the third rounder to move up eight spots to take Taylor to Kansas City,who used that pick to take Justin Houston,who only led the league in sacks last year.
By the time all was over,Atlanta had an All-Pro level receiver and Cleveland wound up with Taylor,Greg Little,Owen Marecic and Brandon Weeden with the other fourth rounder being traded to move up for Trent Richardson.
The less said about that the better other than this-It's garbage like that that keeps fans from buying into yet another rebuilding program....

Cleaning out the inbox-Non-Sports Edition!

We go back to the inbox for some cleaning of the non-sports items...

We start with a proposal for NASA to re-visit the outer gas/ice planets in Uranus and Neptune,
While Jupiter and Saturn have been visited with various missions,Uranus and Neptune have not been targeted since their first and only mission in Voyager 2.
It would not launch for another ten years,if approved,but between the planets (Uranus is the only planet to turn on its side) and moons (Neptune's Triton has nitrogen plumes blowing into the air),there is more than enough to be of interest for years...

The New York Times discusses just what NASA's next priority in exploration should be.
Ranging from a moon return to more Mars time to visits to the outer planets among more visits to other garden spots,this article covers just about any possible candidate and what a trip there would bring to the table of science...

We just passed the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and its effect on the Louisiana/Mississippi area may never be truly able to be measured statistically or in the amount of damage to an area's psyche.
Wright Thompson is the best writer (in my opinion) that ESPN the magazine has and he being from the southern U.S has a special understanding of the area,which comes across when you read his work.
Thompson writes a long and comprehensive article that covers about everything you could think of on the topic and it is tremendously interesting....

I can't say that I was overly excited about the return of "Coach",although I was a longtime fan of the original show,but NBC decided to pull the plug before the show was even aired.
The premise didn't seem all that interesting and sometimes leaving things as they are is best for everyone involved....

I may be back later with a look at the Browns surprising release of Phil Taylor and why his cut ends what could be the worst trade in Browns history....

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jessica Rosales Interview-Part Four

We conclude our interview with Jessica Rosales and thank her for spending some time with us.
Jessica has agreed to do the podcast in the future and I'm hoping to bring her on board closer to the big November bout between Golden Boy Promotions Canelo Alvarez and Roc Nation's Miguel Cotto to discuss the bout!

TRS: I rank you right at the top of the boxing hosts with Top Rank's Crystina Poncher,(who I'd also love to have here or the podcast) do you enjoy the hosting role or would you prefer more work from the corner?

 JR: Crystina is amazing at what she does, and I’m very flattered to even be considered alongside one of the top reporters in the game. I consider myself 100% a reporter and my work mainly consists of corner information. I am running around through out our fights…and I love reporting whats happening, keeping Beto (Duran) and Doug (Fischer) updated every chance I get and getting to interview whoever we have in attendance. I think if I wasn’t running around and doing that I would feel like I needed to be!! I've tried watching fights as a fan and I find myself saying “I wish I was sitting in that corner right now!” LOL But if the opportunity of a hosting position comes up with GBP I'd be more than happy to be a part of it but right now, ringside and in the corners…there’s nowhere else I’d rather be working on fight night!

TRS Thoughts on the PBC and their different format for television?

JR: I think everyone brings something unique to the game, and more power to them at PBC for finding a format that works for them…its become their model and they are doing a great job at it.

TRS: What's the best memory that you have from the GBP on FS1 run?

JR: Geeze, hard to pick one memory, we’ve had so many great moments on our show and so many great fights. I think I’d have to say our Memorial Day show from Ft. Bliss last year still gives me chills and our halloween show from Plymouth because I never thought I’d get to wear devil horns to work :)

TRS: Do you have hopes to do other sports or would you like to stay with boxing?

JR: I’m open to whatever…I’ve covered baseball, football, basketball, horse racing and can now add boxing to that list. So I’m not afraid of whats next! :) bring it.

TRS: Finally,what's the one fight that you would like to see made,if you could make them without any promotional issues and who would win?

JR: #CaneloGGG

I love Jessica's final answer and even thought I'm not a huge Canelo Alvarez fan,I'm rooting for him over Miguel Cotto. Say what you wish about Canelo-he ducks no one and a Canelo win means he will fight Gennady Golovkin. I have zero faith that Miguel Cotto takes that fight... Thanks again to Jessica for doing the interview

Monday, August 31, 2015

Give me just a little more time!

Just a quick note to say that I haven't forgotten about the podcast.

In fact,it's the opposite-I've been planning big things for the show.
I've been lining up future guests,planning our next show which is going to be a big one-our college football previews in which I will cover the five major conferences plus a little MAC and Mountain West chat as well and setting up topics for future episodes as well.

In other words,I've been doing everything for the show,but the show!
Rest assured that it hasn't gone by the wayside and get me past Labor Day and I think you are going to really enjoy what I have planned for the fall and winter..

Just give me just a little more time!