Friday, April 29, 2016

Browns trade down again,select Corey Coleman in Round One

The Cleveland Browns weren't finished trading down in the first round of the NFL Draft,but eventually settled in at 15th overall and selected Baylor wide receiver Corey Coleman.
Before I comment on Coleman,let us discuss the trade with the Tennessee Titans that brought more picks to the Browns.

Cleveland traded their first rounder (8) and a sixth round pick to the Titans for their first rounder (15),third rounder (76) and the Titans second round pick in the 2017 draft.
The lovely Cherie commented "I know these are good picks,but don't you get tired waiting until next year-every year?"
She's right of course,but the Browns now have 2 picks in each of the first two rounds of next years draft and put themselves in position to control that draft.
However,don't forget about this one where the Browns hold the first pick in the second round and possess three third rounders (65,76 and 77) to play with to fill holes or even trade up into the second round,if a special player is worth making a move for.

After the trade to the 15th slot,Cleveland did take a badly needed receiver in Baylor's Corey Coleman.
Coleman was not my top rated receiver (My top was Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell),but along with TCU's Josh Doctson was considered very close to the top of my WR list.
Coleman is looked at as the top deep threat in the draft as his speed is superior to Treadwell and Doctson,although at 5'11,he isn't as tall as that pair and might not as be as large of a red zone target either.
Coleman is more of a game breaker and lord knows that the Browns need as many of those as they can get,but there will be a bit of a learning curve as Coleman accumulated huge receiving numbers playing in the Baylor spread offense,which is much different than the pro style offense that NFL teams use.

What I really like from Coleman was his 20 touchdown season with the Bears that saw him win the Biletnikoff Award as the top receiver in college football.
Coleman caught 74 passes for over 1,300 yards for an average of 18.4 yards per reception,but keep in mind that teams that play in the Big 12 often have inflated offensive numbers due to the spread offense and poor defenses in that league.
The Browns (other than Josh Gordon in his one year of Comet Kohoutek like play) haven't not had big play deep threat since the one solid year that Braylon Edwards had in 2007 and Coleman brings the capability of being able to do so.

On the overall,I'm fine with Coleman.
Treadwell,Coleman and Doctson all seem to be rated roughly the same with different observers with different orders of the three with most rating Treadwell as more NFL ready and Coleman with more of the "upside" that we all talk about.
Corey Coleman will hopefully be the first step in revitalizing an offense that gives dreary its name.....

I plan on a post on the Browns second rounder tomorrow night and then a followup on the third round selections..

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Much to do.

Much to do today in the TRS empire!

I have to do the routine Tuesday things (lunch with the lovely Cherie Yay!,shopping meh),but also have to squeeze in voting in the primary, a trip to Harrisburg for the Hartford Yard Goats and prep work for what I hope will be a productive podcast.

I'm planning our biggest event ever for the NFL Draft-Two previews with one on the Browns and the AFC North and the other with a hoped for guest to discuss the players available.
This has the potential to be awesome or a bust,depending on how things actually go,but I am quite excited!

This week is crazy with the return to work on Wednesday,the draft,the Salem Red Sox in Frederick and Rome Braves at the Muni-both team loaded with prospects and the day to day issues that we all deal with.
It is a good kind of crazy though!

Hoping that the prep work gives the football fans that listen to the show a worthwhile listen and I'll be posting here tomorrow...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cavaliers polish off Pistons!

Kyrie Irving led the Cleveland Cavaliers with 31 points,but seemed to score some of them exactly when Cleveland needed them the most as Cleveland held off a determined Detroit Pistons team 100-98 in Auburn Hills.
LeBron James added 22 points and 11 rebounds in the victory that ended the first round series four games to zero.
The Cavaliers will have some time off before their next series and that time could be substantial as two of the other three series are tied at two games apiece with the other one being at two games to one and playing their game four tonight...


1) Kyrie Irving was clearly the star of this game and not as noted,just for the 31 points scored-but for when he scored them.
Irving's roughly half court shot at the end of the third quarter visibly sagged the Pistons and even coach Stan Van Gundy..

2) The most impressive part of that shot was that it was a shot.
Most times when shots are made from such crazy distances it is more of a heave and throw with luck involved.
Irving took a straight jumper,which takes lots of strength in the arms and wrist.

3) Kevin Love struggled with his offensive game (3 of 11 shooting),but grabbed 13 rebounds.
Love often times last year would fade away when his offense wasn't great,but this year's Love is able to make a difference in other ways.
Love's rebounding numbers were always large,but this season,it seems that he grabs the big rebound as well..

4) Detroit played a tough series and didn't back down.The Pistons might be one more player away from being a serious contender.
Now,do they have the means to obtain such a player? That's a different story..

5) Cleveland would play the Atlanta-Boston winner in the next round unless Charlotte (down 2-1) or Indiana (tied at two) pulls out their series.
If Indiana wins their series,the rest of the results are irrelevant and they would play the Cavaliers.

6) The importance of a sweep comes later in the playoffs when the legs get tired.
Every game that you can get by without playing it takes away the wear on the body and as the Cavaliers saw last season,avoids the risk of injury.
End series as quickly as possible sounds simple and it is,but it is important.....

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Golovkin drills Wade-Boxing Challenge

The boxing challenge moved on with three expected victories and R.L.Malpica and I each adding five points to our total to make the score 44-35....

The biggest fight of the weekend saw Gennady Golovkin drop Dominic Wade three times in two rounds before Wade was counted out.
Golovkin's win enabled him to keep his two middleweight belts and as impressive as his dispatching was-his post-interview basically calling out Canelo Alvarez to either fight him or "bring him the belt" was quite priceless.

It took a gritty effort from McWilliams Arroyo in order to last the distance with WBC flyweight champ Roman Gonzalez,but he was able to hear the final bell.
I gave Arroyo the first round,but no more as Gonzalez won on my card 119-109.
Gonzalez said he was going to fight one more fight at 112 pounds before a move up to 115 and junior bantamweights,
Hopefully,that fight will come against WBA/WBO champ Juan Francisco Estrada to unify three of the four belts in a rematch of a great fight when Gonzalez defended his light flyweight title against Estrada...

Nonito Donaire stopped Zsolt Bedak in the third round in the Philippines to retain his WBO junior featherweight title in the weekend's other title fight....

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Boxing Challenge

The boxing challenge rolls on with two bouts on HBO that feature the top two fighters in their division in the TRS ratings and another untelevised title bout from the Philippines.

The most exciting fighter in the world defends his WBA and IBF middleweight titles against the IBF mandatory contender Dominic Wade.
Gennady Golovkin is about as big of a favorite as you can get over the talented,yet unproven Wade and is likely to deliver "big drama show" as he is so fond on saying.

I recently discussed the IBF as having the most fair manner to determine their top contenders,but yet so many don't participate in their eliminators,so therefore many of their mandatory fighters are weaker than the other organizations.

Roman Gonzalez defends his WBC flyweight title against McWilliams Arroyo on the undercard,
Arroyo is a solid enough fighter to make a good showing,but is unlikely to challenge Gonzalez in a bout that will hopefully set up a title unification fight with Juan Francisco Estrada in the fall.

Nonito Donaire defends his WBO junior featherweight title in his native Philippines vs Zsolt Bedek to complete the weekend.

I lead the challenge over R.L.Malpica at 39-30.

WBA and IBF Middleweight titles.12 rds
Gennady Golovkin vs Dominic Wade
R.L: Golovkin KO 3
TRS:Golovkin KO 6

WBC Flyweight title,12 rds
Roman Gonzalez vs McWilliams Arroyo
R.L; Gonzalez KO 7
TRS;Gonzalez KO 9

WBO Jr.Featherweight title 12 rds
Nonito Donaire vs Zsolt Bedak
R.L;Donaire KO 9
TRS;Donaire KO 5