Friday, March 30, 2007

Carl Pavano is what????

Carl Pavano is starting the Yankee opener on Monday.
I dont really care how many injuries the Yankee pitching staff has suffered,there is no way ,considering how the overpaid and underproductive Pavano has pitched as a Yankee, he should start Opening Day.
But then again-who cares about Yankee problems.!

In other news-Tom Tancredo is expected to announce his bid for the 2008 GOP nomination sometime today.
Two quick thoughts-
One-Who the hell is Tom Tancredo?,I mean I dont know any bigger political junkies than me and I never heard of this guy!
and Two-What in the world would make him think he has even a Hail Mary of a chance?

I know everyone has an ego in public life to begin with or they wouldnt be there,but some of the guys that delude themselves in Presidental bids..........
Enough to make one shake their head in wonder.


Ryan Heimberger said...

In defense of the Yankees (gasp!)
I believe Pavano is starting because Chein-Ming Wang is injured and the other guys would be pitching on short rest if moved up to Opening Day.

Mike said...

it's not like he isn't well rested!! let's just hope he doesn't hurt himself in the shower,or fall in the tunnel on the way out to the field.