Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Ramblings

A quick edition of Random Ramblings to catch up on items of note since the Pirates GM series.

Sorry to hear about the death of Lady Bird Johnson at 95.
Those of you that know me well already know that Lyndon Johnson is one of my top 3 favorite Presidents (Really).
Her work on Conservation and highway beautification,in many ways,served as the beginning of our nation's commitment to matters of naturalization.
Seemed like a terrific lady and served as the type of First Lady that the country could be proud to have as a Representative.

Interesting choice by the New Jersey Devils is hiring Brent Sutter as head coach.
It is the first NHL coaching job for Sutter,but his brothers all did well in coaching,so here is hoping he does the same.
I was impressed by his brother Brian's job in Chicago and Brian led the Hawks to their last playoff appearance.

Hey,David Beckham is coming to America!
Wow.Color me underwhelmed.
As a "Unenlightened "sports fan (Non-Soccer),I could really care less,not to mention I have no idea who his wife is,but seems like she is a big deal to the media.
The United States has been through this before with the "This person is the person that takes soccer over the top" hype.
Pele,The women's win in whatever it was,the World Cup hosted here etc.
In the end,it all winds up the same,some media flurries of interest and the soccerheads go wild for a while.
Then it does what it always does,goes back to no one caring.

Might want to keep this one,likely the only note on Soccer you will read here.

Added a link to the links list.
John Setzler's Crawdad Blog covers the Pirates SAL team in Hickory.
Good site with lots of professional photos of the Crawdads.

Pitching Matchups

Pittsburgh: Ian Snell (7-5) at Atlanta: Tim Hudson (8-5)

Kansas City:Odalis Perez (4-8) at Cleveland:Jake Westbrook (1-4)

All for now,back tomorrow with Pirates vs Braves!


Ryan Heimberger said...

"I have no idea who his wife is,but seems like she is a big deal to the media."
I may have to turn in my devoted reader status if you don't know that Victoria Beckham was one of the always-talented SPICE GIRLS.
tell me what you want, what you really really want...ok I'm stopping now.

Shawn said...

Sorry,to disappoint,but While I have heard OF the Spice Girls,I could not pick them out of a Hagerstown Hooker lineup!
Think that says it all!LOL