Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Ramblings and trying to get back caught up

First off,I have been feeling a bit under the weather and still am,but wanted to get something up and posted.
The Seahawks looked as good as I could say,but considering the absolutely awful opposition that was put up by the 49ers in the 24-0 Seattle win,I will not get too excited.
Mo Morris looked at least as capable of the current edition of Shaun Alexander,Matt Hasselbeck threw more often and the defense seems to rounding back into form.
With the win,Seattle improved to 5-4 and moved their lead in the NFC West back to a full game.
Seattle plays the night game this week at Chicago and the erratic Bears.

The Devils split two games as they defeated the Penguins in Pittsburgh Monday 3-2 and lost to the Rangers tonight at the Rock 4-2.
The Devils jumped out to a 2-0 start in Pittsburgh,lost the lead with poor defense and won the game on a late goal by Patrik Elias.
Kevin Weekes played in goal and picked up the W.
Tonight's game started fast as the returning Jamie Langenbrunner and the new Devil nemesis Nigel Dawes swapped goals in the first minute and a half of the contest.
But the Rangers beat Marty Brodeur twice in the second and an early third period goal by Marc Staal of the Blueshirts finished it off.
Langenbrunner added his second goal of the night later in the period for the final score.
I just don't know what to say about this team,every time that I think things are coming together,a wheel falls off.
And in worse news-the one steady blueliner that the Devils have in Paul Martin left the game after the first period.
Let's hope that it is not a serious injury.
The Devils return to action Friday night at the Rock against the visitors from Long Island.

So Alex Rodriguez wants to stay a Yankee??
Could not have been that no one wanted him at the price that he requested???

Anyone else catch the tremendous documentary on the 1982 Ray Mancini-Deukoo Kim fight on ESPN Classic?
Excellent program-it had to be for my wife (avowed boxing hater) to watch and enjoy it!

For those of you back in the old days Baseball buffs-here is a great article on the "Pennant Porch" of the Kansas City Athletics in 1964 by Steve Treder over at Hardball Times.
What is the Pennant Porch?
Click the link and find out!

Still no recipes!
I really could use some help here!!!

On the signing front
Sam Fuld of the Cubs organization signed his Bowman from the fall leagues.

And finally,A hello to reader Jason Christensen,who is currently in Arizona watching the fall league.
Wish I was there.

Until tomorrow.If I am up to it!

Photo Credits
Seahawks-John Froschauer-AP Photo
Elias-Gene Puskar-AP Photo
Colavito-Topps Cards

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BostonRaider said...

Seahawks- Glad they won, due to there win I also accomplished a win in the IFL leauge.

A-Rod- Good let him become a Yankee for 10 yrs. As far as I am concerned any team that has A-rod in there line-up wont go far in the playoffs if they even get that far. They will only see a home run record broken. Seatle, no good run with A-Rod, no good run, and Yanks, not yet, A-Rod horrible, A rod can hit 1.000 druing the regular sesaon with 80 hrs. and 200 RBI's when he gets to the playoffs he is COLD...BRrrrrrr...sure is freezing in the