Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pigskin Ponderings-Browns version

As we catch up on issues from the gridiron,both the Browns and Seahawks made a few moves over the down time and one even involved both teams.

The Browns continued to add former Jets to the roster as defensive lineman C.J.Mosley,linebackers David Bowens and Eric Barton signed to the team along with corner Hank Poteat.
Only Barton looks to have a chance to start as the other seem to be situational players at best and special teamers at worst.
I don't like Poteat at all,as I remember him as a Steeler and when I saw him there,he looked essentially worthless and unless experience helped him.......

Cleveland attempted to sign Jets safety Abram Elam,but the Jets matched the 1.5 million dollar offer sheet from the Browns and kept Elam.

The Browns also signed players that DIDN'T play for the New York Jets as the offensive line added some help as John St.Clair signed from Chicago,Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack from the Seahawks in addition to signing well traveled running back Noah Herron from Tampa Bay.
The Browns lost backup runner Jason Wright to the Cardinals,so that could mean (Finally!) an increased role in the offense for Jerome Harrison and Herron would slide into the third back/special team slot.
I always liked Herron when he was at Northwestern,so I have a soft spot for the former Wildcat..

Cleveland also has reportedly signed Baltimore corner Corey Ivy,although this has not been confirmed yet.
Ivy will likely compete with Hank Poteat for time in the nickel and dime rotations...

Cleveland released Joe Jurevicus and Kevin Shaffer to help with cap space.
Jurevicus will be missed by Browns fans,but he missed the entire 2008 season and there is no guarantee that he will even be able to play again despite his protests to the contrary,so even though I liked him,the move made sense.
Kevin Shaffer has been awful at right tackle since he was signed from the Falcons,so I am happy to see him go.
St.Clair should become the starter there and should be a major upgrade over Shaffer.
Womack will be in the hunt for the starting right guard position against incumbent Rex Hadnot.

Cleveland is also a team mentioned in the Jay Cutler rumors.
The Browns have been rumored to move either Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn to Denver for Cutler.
As much as I would like to move either of them for Cutler,it depends on the other parts of the deal,but Cutler for either of those two straight up???
Where do I sign?!

The Donte Stallworth signing continues to get worse by the day.
Stallworth was a bust from Day one (we called this one!) from his injuring Braylon Edwards in a race in training camp,to injuring himself on opening day stretching in warmups(!) , his general poor play and now hours after the Browns gave him a five million dollar bonus instead of releasing him (Like I would have!),he hits a fellow returning from work and kills him???
My sweet Lord!!!

This type of stuff is difficult to handle from the best of players (Terrell Owens,anyone?),but from a Donte Stallworth????
Looking at the Browns depth chart,I can maybe see the argument in keeping Stallworth for another year,but after this????
If there is anything other than poor driving involved in this sad incident,Stallworth needs to go.

One small positive for the Browns is this-Now with the wide receiving positions that looked like such a strength at this time last year,could the Browns take the best player in this draft-Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree?
A few months ago,this looked in improbable,now very possible....

Not many players left on the free agent line,but one that I would like to see the Browns pursue is Detroit's Shaun McDonald.
McDonald is most effective in the slot and looks to be a good fit for the suddenly needy Browns.
No word on any interest in McDonald from Cleveland...

Back later with a post on the Seahawks,as I will have time during the NCAA tourney games...


Mike said...

"Ivy will likely compete with Hank Poteat for time in the nickel and dime rotations..." I think it's safe to say Ivy will win that battle.. Poteat(Which may be French for suck) is worthless

Shawn said...

I agree,did my lack of enthusiasm of Poteat show through??