Saturday, March 13, 2010

Revamping ideas on a rainy day

Two leagues quietly floated changes from the "undisclosed league source" out to the media,I don't think either have much chance of being accepted,but I actually didn't mind one of the two.

The NHL is considering having each team not in the top seven participate in a one game knockout style tourney for each conferences final playoff spot.
This I kinda like,as it gives fans a reason to hope,gives extra games of equally talented teams and most importantly gives a bit of extra rest to the teams that locked up their playoff spots early.
It would be intriguing,but I won't waste time hoping it goes through.

Baseball and Bud Selig is talking about an absolutely awful plan in which teams could opt to participate in division changes by the year.
One example used was the Indians,who aren't expected to contend and could "join the AL East so they could have more home dates with the Yankees and Red Sox".
Or the Rays could move to the Central,where they would have a better chance of winning the division.
This is awful on so many levels,but I'll try to take a shot at this.
First off,the bad team moving to big time division for more home games against better draws is an awful idea.
For a team like Cleveland or Pittsburgh,where making money is the bottom line anyway,where is the incentive to win?
They could camp out in the basement,collect the dough and then have the convenient "we cannot compete" excuse..
As for moving to a division to better compete,wasn't the wild card supposed to be the solution to that problem?
Being in a good or bad division cycles,unless you are stuck with the Yankees or Red Sox spending money like water through a faucet and you shouldn't be able to jump around to best compete.
Just a horrible idea and just like Bud Selig to think that this solves issues when in fact it creates more problems.
Exactly what baseball needs right now,more issues with competitive balance.....

Baseball could use some divisional tweaks,but this is insanity.
The Perfect Alignment would be 32 teams with four four team divisions with no wild cards,but the downside to that is two more teams,which further dilutes the product.
I would be open to that down the road,but it does have its downside.

Small changes that I would make for now would be these.
In the American,since ESPN and FOX want to see 10,000 Yankee-Red Sox games a year,here is a way to give them more.
Kansas City moves to the West,Tampa to the Central and that makes the AL East the four team division and Voila- More New York vs Boston games and more teams with a better chance of competing!
The move would basically be the same,but if you prefer Minnesota to the West instead of Kansas City and/or Toronto to the Central over Tampa,I wouldn't quibble.
The National is easy as well,Pittsburgh to the East.
Easy enough,as the East becomes the six team division instead of the Central.
The Pirates get all division rivals in their time zone instead just one of five(Cincinnati) as it currently stands and the main rival to Pirate fans (Phillies) return to play them more often,plus closer teams in New York and Washington.
Makes sense to me.
And has no chances of being looked at.....

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