Monday, May 24, 2010

23 Glorious Years

Excuse a quick note of personal talk from our usual format,but 23 years ago today. I was fortunate enough to marry the only girl that I was ever really interested in.
I was lucky enough to know at the age of 15 that the only person that I ever wanted to spend my life with was right in front of me.
As I have aged,the amazement of being that prescient at such a young age has continued to grow by large increments.
When I look at my daughter and think that at an age slightly older,I had made such a decision.I shake my head even further at making that type of call and yet being so immature in the ways of life and love.

Cherie has been the light of my life as both a wife and a friend and she tolerates all the issues that I carry with me and still manages to somehow love me for the things that make me,well me.
She lives and loves a person that few would and accepts me for what I am,a flawed person that has had his share of disappointments in life,none of those her doing in any way,shape or form.
Cherie has aged so beautifully over the years and her soul is the purest that I have ever met.
I look at others that have not been so fortunate and wonder how I have become so blessed.
I mean,why me?
As most of you know I am not really an overtly religious person,but if there is one thing that makes me consider the existence of God in my life,it is that I have been given Cherie to spend my life with.

Thanks again for 23 wonderful years and allowing me to share all the good times and the occasional curveball that life throws our way.
Here is to doubling the years of this anniversary and even more!!!!


Shawn said...

From Cherie:
Thank you Shawn for all the kind things you wrote and the touching song. It's much more praise than I are always so sweet to me.
You're not as hard for me to put up with as you always seem to think :) We're good for each other-it was meant to be.
And by the way, YOU are a very big reason that I believe.............

P.S. Thank you for the honor of making me a "Heimberger". I don't take it lightly.

Mike said...

Belated Congrats on 23 years Shawn and Cherie!!! I can only hope to find a love as strong as you 2 have!!

Shawn said...

From Cherie:

Thanks Mike!