Friday, July 2, 2010

Cleaning out the Inbox

Time for some cleaning of the inbox .

My latest post on the Hagerstown Suns is up over at
Take a look and check out "Sue Dinem's" stuff often.
If you are interested in Suns,former Suns or the Nationals in general,it will be well worth the stop.

Scott Bowden takes an excellent look at Ricky Steamboat at Kentucky Fried Rasslin.
Steamboat recently was the subject of a WWE DVD release and was then pounded on Monday by inexperienced wrestlers to the point of a legitimate brain aneurysm.
I know I sound like a cranky old guy,but in my day when the legends were beaten up for the purposes of an angle-the most that they suffered were a few punches,kicks and maybe the shirt torn off for good measure.
The slams and bumps that Steamboat was given at the hands of nowhere near ready for prime time grapplers caused severe damage and was simply unnecessary.
Everything evolves,but not always for the better..

Battlin' Bob sends us word of the passing of former Cardinals and Chargers coach Don Coryell at the age of 85.
Coryell was almost universally loved by his players despite looking like he was wearing shoes that were three sizes too small with his facial expressions.
Coryell was the innovator of the modern passing game and it took the Cardinals over thirty years to recover from his ridiculous firing after the 1977 season.

Former Canadian Triple Crown champion With Approval passed away last month in England at the age of 24.One of my all time favorites, With Approval set the world record for a mile and and three eighths and just missed victories that would boosted his resume' immensely with close defeats in the Breeders Cup Turf and Arlington Million.

Thanks again to those of you that sent notes on the Carl Radle feature.
There will be music features in the future that even if you aren't a fan of the artist,you'll at least find them interesting reads.

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Mike said...

Are they going to fire those guys? Sure not"PG" when ya give a guy brain damage..