Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I never liked Tea to begin with!

As a pretty close to centrist Democrat,I was one of the many that supported some/most of the Barack Obama agenda in the 2008 campaign.
I voted for the ticket,mainly because I thought (and time has not proven me incorrect) that Sarah Palin was/is an unqualified show horse to be the Vice President of our country.
Especially when you consider the health issues that the GOP Presidential candidate has suffered through in the past,Palin paled in comparisons to other Republican candidates,let alone her general election opposition.

Anything other than a Democratic vote in Maryland is generally a waste of time,but regardless I'll be trudging to the voting booth (or open computer stand ) anyway.
The Democrats have dropped the ball in their attempts to make any changes that have turned the economy around and health care,while a nice effort was your usual "lets try to please everyone and therefore please no one" mish mosh of a bill.
Health Care didn't go far enough and yet the state of the bill in general will sting just as many of those as it will help.
So trust me,despite being a Democrat,I am far from in their corner for this one.

Tough to switch to the other side either,when you consider most of the red team helped to start this poor climate to being with and bringing them back into power would likely be more of the same.
Then again,maybe not-as the Fox News created "Tea Party Movement",which sounds more like a classical dance step than an actual political group has suddenly begun to bounce GOP veterans from nominations for offices ranging from Governor,Senator and Congressman.
Noted Republican linchpins such as Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Bob Bennett of Utah were tossed from their Senate seats and other stalwarts such as Rep.Mike Castle of Delaware were upset losers in races for the Senate or Governor against Tea Party opposition.

What do many of these candidates believe in?
It seems like much of their problems are that Americans are overtaxed and something about needing to take our country back.
It isn't made clear where our country went,who took it away and where it went,it needs to be returned,much like when you buy a food processor and need to return it to the store apparently.

I don't like paying taxes.
I cannot believe anyone does and I surely did not turn down any of the stimulus checks that were sent my way in the Bush years.
I also would love having more money in my pocket,but the TPM seems to believe that no taxes would be a great idea.
In that vein (this will be a simplistic idea,since that seems to appeal to the TPM),I'll offer the revolutionary (I figured since Tea Party is their term of choice from the American Revolution,they would get the pun) idea for our country and offer this plan for any and all.

You never pay another tax or wage again.
Sign a waiver and you get every penny that you work for the rest of your life.
Sound good?
In return, you have no police service,no fire service,ineligible for social security,medicare,etc.
Everything you use,you pay for privately.
Want to use the roads to get around?,Well, that's a yearly fee.
Want to enjoy a public park? Admission please.
Taxes pay for those and since you are not paying those,you pay a la carte.
Since government is so terrible,you don't have to participate if you choose not to.
The flip side is you get none of the things that are taken for granted.
Ready to make that trade?
Didn't think so......

Pretty simplistic,I know,but so is Sarah Palin,so we need to make things simple.
This country has major issues and this constant back and forth from both parties that we need "change " in Washington and in state offices seems to accomplish little.
How about a little stability?
Pick a side,it matters none=Red or Blue.
Pick one and lets allow them to see what they can do,quit obstructing and lets see what happens.
After a realistic chance is given (2 years is not enough time),then we can start hearing about change again.
Without some true courage from members of both sides of the fence,nothing can ever change.

I have doubts that anyone from the Tea Party has that kind of courage or flexibility to fairly participate in a movement of that magnitude.
As for me,I have always hated Tea anyway...

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Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

Ask a Tea Partier when we were taxed less than we are today and see how many of them correctly answer 1955.