Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pigskin Pickin' Machine

In the absence of the NFL,I'll add an extra college game or two for the week.
Since Bowling Green has played (and won) in their rematch of the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl against Idaho,they will not be listed.

Ohio State hosts Akron in the first game of the Luke Fickell era,which is an era that could last the year and be finished.
Akron was 1-11 last year and this spells Buckeye walkover when you consider the turmoil over the off season.
I'll wager this one is over by mid second quarter at the latest.

Texas Tech hosts Texas State,which always makes me think of the bad yet occasionally funny for the wrong reason film Necessary Roughness.The Bobcats (not Armadillos) went 4-7 last year and now are coached by well traveled Dennis Franchione,who I always liked in his stops around Texas.
Texas Tech continues its transition to more of an balanced offense under Tommy Tuberville and I expect this one to be unbalanced-in score that is.
Unless Flattop Myers has transferred from the Texas (by God) Colts to Texas State that is...

The games of the week are both scheduled for the same time.
Brilliant call by ESPN,who has both games on their family of networks.

Oregon and LSU battle in Dallas at JerryWorld in what might be an early elimination for the National title for the loser and is round one in the four team playoff for worst off-season.
Ohio State takes on Miami in a few weeks in the other bracket.
Both teams have QB issues as LSU's likes to kick people in the head allegedly and Oregon's likes to ride in cars traveling at 118 MPH and at least sit around the aroma of marijuana.
This is more of a home game for LSU than Oregon,but the Tigers were hit harder by the suspension bug.
The key here is LaMichael James running the ball against an SEC defense.

Boise State travels between the hedges to Georgia against the Bulldogs.
If Boise grabs this one,they leap their major road game of the season as most of their other tough games are in Boise.
Kellen Moore and Aaron Murray will keep the footballs flying in what looks to be a fun game to watch.

Ohio State 56-7
Texas Tech 48-14
Oregon 23-20
Boise State 41-36

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Ryan H. said...

You are too quick to dismiss Texas State. Have you so soon forgotten when they battled a far-superior Kansas team to a rain-soaked 3-3 tie?