Sunday, November 11, 2012

Questioning where I stand...

Back after a few days away.
The Cavaliers are on the road and so am I as I spent the last three days and the next eight days at the road office with the everyday grind.

The Cavaliers lost in both Golden State and Phoenix and will be in Oklahoma City for the Thunder Sunday night,so I should have coverage of that one.

I haven't had much to say of late and didn't feel like going through the motions.
I still really don't have much to add.
The Cavaliers are on the West Coast.the Devils are still locked out and the Browns and Buckeyes are off this weekend.

Honestly,I am in the middle of a frustrating time here.
Readership has dropped and I'm just not sure what else to try.
In the past year,we have had months that were the best ever and now things have dropped off.
Am I doing this to record my thoughts for posterity?
Or am I doing this to have people enjoy my work?
Sometimes,this seems like work,but I must admit that having these in place to look back at has been fun and I have enjoyed this for the most part.
But,at the same time,I am frustrated at not being able to move to the next level.
We were close to turning the corner and then dropped off.
Is this frustration warranted?
Or is my own doing from slacking off over the summer?
Do I need more interviews? Do I need to work harder?
What is it going to take and am I willing to get it there?

So what do I do?
What do you think?
What do you like?
I have periodically asked these questions and I really want input this time.
Do you like the sports stuff?
Is it the political posts that you really like or is it the reminiscing that I occasionally do that you prefer?
Do you think I need to get more interviews and work harder on those?
Is it the cleaning of the inbox with all various thing that you like?

I want to know,no-I need to know if I am going to try to turn this ship around.
Feel free to comment here or send me email.
I just have a need to evaluate things and that time has come...

Thanks for reading....


Becky said...

What were the columns about, where you had the best readership? I always check your columns and enjoy hearing your opinions! Keep up the good work favorite nephew!

Ryan H. said...

I always assumed that you had the most readers during baseball season, as a lot of your minor league information was unavailable anywhere else.