Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cleaning out the Inbox

Time to clean the inbox with a few items of note.

Starting off fast,I attended yesterday's Hagerstown Suns game against Lakewood and found the crowd to be pretty loud and enthusiastic.
I have been asked by many people on my opinions on the new Suns and Bryce Harper and I have decided to give them time to establish themselves.
As those of you that have been here for a long time know,when the time is right-I won't hold back-that I can promise you!
Most of the front office is new and inexperienced,so mistakes will be made,but one mistake that I wonder about is one that I was told privately.
The team is supposedly not allowing re-entry to the park,although I re-entered yesterday without an issue.
I would have no idea why this would be in effect,but I am going to guess that this is a issue that was a snap judgement and not well thought out.
I can see many fans upset as the summer progresses,if this becomes a final rule....

Former Iowa State wrestling coach as well as a coach of the US National team,Bobby Douglas has concerns about the future of American wrestling.
Douglas is watching a sport that is dying at the major college level and the American influence on the international level is waning as well.
Douglas offers one tip to help the American grapplers-a rules tweak to the high school rulebook to more closely resemble the International game-more back points and penalizing grapplers for going out of bounds to name just two.
It would be a real shame to see amateur wrestling die off in this country and to those of you that are fans of the MMA game-check out how many of those guys started off as amateur wrestlers....

Wright Thompson is the best writer that ESPN has and I don't think that anyone else is in the discussion for the honor.
Thompson delivers another classic with Holy Ground,a story about his late father and the Masters at Augusta National.
If this doesn't at least make you think of your father or call Dad up,I'll be surprised.
Terrific work by Thompson.

In Lou We Trust has a great breakdown on the Devils situation with their own free agents over the off season.
Well worth the time as the Devils prep for next season...

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello has an interview with Fire and Ice that discusses the past season,the off season and some thoughts on the upcoming draft.

The Devils also signed free agent and All-American goaltender Keith Kirkland from Union College to add to the goalie depth in the system to help with the inevitable departure of Martin Brodeur.
Kirkland was a highly sought after product that the Devils usually come up short on in these cases,most recently against the Rangers for defenseman Matt Gilroy...

2.9 Million for history as a Russian businessman bought Vostok 3KA-2 and plans to return it to Russia for placement in a space museum,but hold everything-it may take a while for it to get it back to Russia as the United State has it classified as a  "Space Object" and has tons of red tape to get through.
Vostok was the final "Space Object" sent up by the Soviets before the first manned spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin and carried a dog and a human sized mannequin.

Battlin' Bob sends us this video looking at Joe Tait and the Miracle of Richfield.
One thing that I never understood about the Richfield Coliseum then was why a team with wine and gold for colors used a floor with light blue trim.
Still don't know about that one.

And finally another daytime dynasty falls as ABC announced the cancellation of daytime dramas All My  Children and One Life to Live.
AMC will end its run in September,while OLTL fans get a few extra months of their show as it gets the axe in January of 2012.
In its place will be two shows called "the Chew" and "the Revolution".
The Chew with chef Mario Batali is the type of desperately needed show that is made only twenty other times on about twelve cable networks and the Revolution is more reality TV claptrap following someone trying to lose weight.
I feel a certain amount of attachment to these two shows along with CBS's recent cancellation of Guiding Light.
My beloved great aunt Edna lived for these three shows and growing up before the cable revolution,one couldn't help but know what was going on the show living in my house.
I haven't watched them in years,but they will be missed because they just make me always think about a wonderful and important person in my life.

And points to two groups for standing up for the Soap fans.
Hoover Vacuums for pulling all ABC advertising for their decision and to fans that will attempt to hammer ABC where it hits them worst-rating and dollars by boycotting their cash cow Dancing with the Stars both by watching and voting.
Good for both of you and a word of advice to groups attempting to save these shows-Don't stop.
Hammer them until the day they are off the air,ABC is counting on a short term backlash and then dwindling interest from media.
Don't stop and good luck from TRS....

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