Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gorzelanny ripped,Streak reaches Nine!

Just a quick post on the Pirates loss to the Cubs before I go to work.
Football stuff will go up tomorrow after I arrive from work.

The Pirate losing streak reached nine after a 8-0 whitewashing by the Cubs at Wrigley.
Tom Gorzelanny allowed 6 runs in 5+ innings and failed to win his 15th game for the 3rd start in a row.
It has become clear to me that Gorzelanny and Paul Maholm( and maybe Ian Snell) have hit the wall and need to just skip their last start.
It doesn't matter who pitches them,they are meaningless to the Pirates anyway.
I might give Gorzelanny another try,if 15 wins is important to him,but otherwise no.
This is why I feel that organizations continue to keep messing up young pitchers by limiting their minor league innings.
Please remember that I am not saying that caution should not be used,just maybe not as much as they often do.
Maybe the arms that come up tired after a drastic major league increase wouldn't do so,if their preparation for the workload was done differently.
In a 8-0 loss,there aren't any offensive stars and three singles aren't getting any mention today.
The Pirates now go home for the remainder of the schedule starting Tuesday vs the Diamondbacks.
To the Cubs-three words
You are welcome.

Bullpen Notes

The Penguin players appear to not like the new NHL jerseys.
Players say that the reported "water away" aspect of the jersey is true,but that the water accumulates everywhere else-gloves,pads,skates etc and pools there.
Wonderful,until Sidney Crosby gets an injury due to this stuff.
Leave it to the NHL-with all the things broken in the league,they fix one that isn't!

And finally-Ryan sends a short note on the passing of mime Marcel Marceau.
A moment of silence please..................

Back tomorrow with my thoughts on today's Browns and Seahawks games.

Photo Credit
Cubs fan-Stacie Freudenberg-AP Photo