Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pirates fall again and We make some moves

First to get started,we made some changes tonight that should not affect the page too much,but could get us more exposure in the blog-o-sphere.
We hooked up with Feedburner to have additional readers find out about us and in addition-we are now available to be placed on your My Yahoo and/or Google home page.
We are very excited to be able to be placed on these heavyweight champions of the internet and if this move helps any one of you out there to have easier access to our home-that is great!
The Feedburner move will not affect any of the current readers that come here and honestly the page on blogger will look better than the Feedburner page,but I am still learning this as I go,so perhaps I can improve that down the road.
I think adding us to the above homepages below is as simple as clicking on one or both of the icons below the archived posts and links.
I have decided for now to not use the Feedburner email service and stick to doing that myself.
So for the readers that have been here,little should change for you except adding easier access for you.
If you have any questions,shoot me a mail or post a comment.
Please also feel free to pass us along to anyone interested,our readership/hit count seems to increase a little each day and with the winter coming,my time here should increase and that means more content.
Here's hoping that tonight's move adds even more to what we do!

Now back to the Pirates,who dropped another decision to the Padres in San Diego 5-3.
Tom Gorzelanny failed again in his attempt to win his 15th game and was the losing pitcher now
14-8 on the season.
Tom didn't seem to be on tonight and seemed to have a bit off his fastball and as a result had trouble locating his pitches and the numbers seem to show that as he walked 4 Padres in his short 5 inning night.
The 4 runs didn't look terrific either,but this is a young man that likely is hitting the wall as he has thrown more innings than he has since turning professional.
These things happen to young pitchers,hopefully Tom can recover enough to grab that number 15.
Xavier Nady homered for Pittsburgh and it was a doozy.
A smash into the second deck in left field off Greg Maddux and hitting it at the notoriously power-unfriendly Petco Park made it even more impressive.
Catch it on Sports Center,if you can!
The bomb was Xavier's 18th of the year and he singled home another run in the first for a 2 RBI night.
Jason Bay had the other Buc RBI on the night.
Game 3 against the Padres later today as the Pirates face former Farmhand Chris Young......

Pitching Matchup

Pittsburgh: Ian Snell (9-12) at San Diego: Chris Young (9-7) 10:05

Bullpen Notes

The Post-Gazette is reporting that Ruben Amaro is close to accepting the Astros GM job and that the Pirates could be interested in talking to the Dodgers Logan White.
White is the guy that I would really like to have serious consideration and maybe even hired.
I like White much better than the other candidates that have been mentioned.
As for Amaro?
Congratulations on the job and I cannot say that I am disappointed about Amaro not coming to Steeltown anyway.

I have to laugh this week watching the Browns shows and listening to the same callers that a week ago wanted Brady Quinn to start and now are talking playoffs with Derek Anderson.
We stated before the season that we preferred Anderson to Charlie Frye,but neither were going to scorch the earth this season.
I enjoyed the win over the Bengals as much as anyone,but lets still keep some perspective.
It was the Bengals defense that they did this against after all!
If the Browns can be 3-1 going into New England in week 5,maybe we will let some of those thoughts creep in-not before!

Staying with the Browns,Dave Zastidil must be severely hampered by injury as the Browns released Paul Ernster and signed former Cardinal booter Scott Player as a temp punter.
Player is the punter that wears the old one bar helmet.
Wonder if the Browns are trying to find one of the those now for Player???

Former Devil Sean Burke retired at the age of 40.
Burke played for several teams,but is most noted here for his stellar work for the Devils in the late 1980's.
Burke was the goalie for the 1st Devil team to make the playoffs in 1988 and came within one game of reaching the Stanley Cup finals.
Best wishes to Burke on a fine career.

More hockey news as the NHL appears to be schedule tweaking again for the 2008-09 season.
Not sure how this will play out,but the unbalanced divisional schedule looks to be finished for sure.
I kinda liked things the way they were,but it seems to be a high priority to have Sidney Crosby play in every city in a season.
The NHL is never happy.
They want to build rivalries,so they want to play divisional games more.
After a few years,they decide that divisional teams play too much...
Seems like they change everything for the sake of change except for the one thing that needs to be changed and has not been.
Removing Gary Bettman as Commissioner.

In the world of Boxing-Madison Square Garden has donated its 82 year old ring to the Boxing Hall of Fame and will have a new ring for its WBC Heavyweight title fight between Champion Oleg Maskaev and challenger Samuel Peter.
Class move in sending the historic ring to the hallowed Hall where fans can see it in its glory.

Finally,I am beginning a small side project.
I know everyone likes different foods and I would like to add each readers favorite recipe to a project that I am working on.
So,please help me out and send me your favorite recipe to my email.
And If you are not on the mailing list and want to help,post a comment and I will get it to you!

Photo Credits
Nady-Lenny Ignelei-AP Photo
Player-Dallas Morning News
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Ryan Heimberger said...

Sorry to see Sean Burke call it quits. He was always a solid if not spectacular goaltender- and is forever immortalized as the starting goalie for the Hartford Whalers in the greatest video game of all-time, NHL94.

Shawn said...

Burke was never an elite goalie,but one that could win with the right team.
He was almost standing on his head for the Devils in 88.
In a way that was kinda bad for him-raised expectations............