Sunday, October 28, 2007

Browns win a road game???

The Cleveland Browns fell behind 14-0 early and looked to be as flat as a burst balloon against the St.Louis Rams,
But Braylon Edwards had a career game and Derek Anderson threw 3 touchdowns to lead Cleveland to back to back wins and a 4-3 record with a 27-20 win in St.Louis.
Edwards grabbed 8 passes for 117 yards and 2 touchdowns and was generally the supreme player on the field.
However after one big catch,the old Braylon slipped out with a brash show-off move and removed his helmet for a 15 yard penalty.
Dumb football and to Romeo Crennel's credit,he was telling Edwards about it after the possession's end.
You can get away with that against the Rams,but not handing 15 yards of better field position against better teams.
The Browns defense was not great,but did come up with two stops late in the game and was able to seal the game away.
A stop of the Rams Brian Leonard on a 4th down run play from the Cleveland 16 enabled one drive to be stopped and after a Cleveland punt,a Ram drive was killed by an interception by Leigh Bodden.
Bodden's pick salvaged a less than stellar game as he had a rough time covering the Rams Torry Holt.
Holt finished with 6 catches for 110 yds and 1 Td against the Browns top cover corner.
Holt was one of my favorite players,so I like to see him do well as long as the Browns get the win.
That is also why Holt's catch is pictured!
Not a pretty game and the opposition was weak,but a win counts the same no matter the opponent and a road win to boot.
I hesitate to bring this up,but the Browns are 4-3 with 3 tough games coming up vs Seattle,at Pittsburgh and at Baltimore.
IF (and that is a BIG if) the Browns can get at least one of those 3 games and go into the final six games at 5-5,I like the Browns chances of MAYBE getting a wild card.
Looking at the last 6 games,there is not one that screams automatic loss-home games vs Houston,Buffalo and San Francisco and road games at Arizona,New York Jets and Cincinnati.
It is early,but that looks at least possible and I would never have dreamed that after Game 1!

Bullpen Notes

Sorry to see the Red Sox win the World Series so easily,but it was not exactly a surprise.
As long as New York lite spends more money than anyone else but the Yankees and continues to do so intelligently,look for Boston to be a fixture at the top for quite a while.

Very much looking forward to this weekends big fights.
Showtime has one of my favorites with Juan Manuel Marquez defending his WBC Jr.Lightweight belt against the rugged Rocky Juarez.
I wont be able to see the bout until I return home,but I will be watching an even more important bout.
The two best 168 pounders in the world square off in Wales on HBO as WBA and WBC champ Mikkel Kessler battles Joe Calzaghe.
My picks on these fights Friday before my hiatus.

The Ashland Arrows will play the Powell Olentangy Liberty Patriots Friday night.
Which means I miss it.
One of these days,I have to be smart enough to maneuver my schedule for playoff football possibilities.

And finally-Now that the baseball playoffs are finished,who are you going to miss more?
Dane Cook or Frank Caliendo?
I will live a full life without seeing either for quite a while.

Photo Credits
Holt/Bodden-Tracy Boulien-Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cribbs-Chris Lee-St.Louis Post-Dispatch


Jeffrey said...

If Boston is so New york lite then plese explain the home Grown guys that helped the most.i.e.Elsberry,
Youkolis,Lester,Papulbon,Varitek,Pedroia,and all the others they are like eveyother team they only pay a little more.

*sorry for the spelling mistake

Shawn said...

They have a excellent farm system and you are right on that.
But Look at these guys that other teams cannot afford that were free agents or acquired through trades with teams that could afford to keep their players.
Manny Ramirez-FA
David Ortiz-FA
J.D Drew-FA
Mike Lowell-Trade,too expensive for Florida
Josh Beckett-Trade,too expensive for Florida
Daisuke Matuszaka_High bidder from Japan
Curt Schilling-Trade,too expensive for Arizona.

Imagine the Sawx without those guys.

Face it-The Sox have become the Target to the Yankees Wal-Mart and most of the rest of the league are Dollar General and Family Dollar.