Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random Ramblings and Predictions.

Just to keep up on things before hiatus.
Lets get our picks for the weekend up and finished.

Ohio State defends Columbus against the visiting Wisconsin Badgers.
Wisconsin has had the most success against the Buckeyes under Jim Tressel and they even have been able to win in Columbus.
The Badgers live and die with the running game and P.J. Hill.
I think Wisconsin can win this game,but the Buckeyes superior speed gets the lead and forces the Badgers throw and that leads to........
Buckeyes 30-17.

The every four year battle between my teams takes place this year in Cleveland as the Seahawks come to town to play the Browns.
Now six weeks ago,I would have taken the Seahawks big in this game,but to my surprise both teams come into the game with the same record of 4-3.
The interesting part of the game is that both teams strengths will go head on for the contest as the explosive Browns offense takes on the excellent Seattle defense.
Can the improved Browns offensive line keep Julian Peterson,Darryl Tapp and Patrick Kerney off Derek Anderson and give him time to throw?
If Anderson gets time, can the Seattle secondary manage to control the Cleveland receivers?
The Browns defense has been unable to stop anyone,but the offense led by Matt Hasselbeck has not set the world on fire either.
Lots of variables for this one and a factor could be that the game will start at 4:00 EST making the game more of a colder environment.
Neither team has wins over good teams as between them only 1 of the teams that the two has beaten has a winning record (the Browns win over 4-3 Baltimore).
The Seahawks 4 victims have a record of 8-22,while the Browns losing foes line up at 6-24.
Too close to call,but we have to make a pick..........
Browns 23-20.

And as a bonus since the Browns and Hawks are playing each other.
The huge game in Indianapolis between the Colts and Patriots.
We like the Colts 38-31.

Predictions on the Calzaghe-Kessler and Marquez-Juarez fights later in the week.

The New Jersey Devils return to action against the Tampa Bay Lightning this evening in a important game for the Devils,who have not played a full quality game all season.
I see flashes of hope,but things need to be done for 60 minutes.
If things do not shape up soon,I think changes will be imminent and it will be personnel not coaches.

Big loss in the entertainment world as Robert Goulet passed away
yesterday at 73.
Three big Goulet memories for me.
One-Elvis Presley hated Goulet and reportedly shot any TV that Goulet appeared on with his pistol!
That is a lot of dislike!
Two-The great ESPN Commercials that he did years back for college basketball.
"Wake Forest is the team for me-the baddest muthas in the ACC" etc.....
Great Stuff!

Three-His miscues of the words to the National Anthem when singing it before the Ali-Liston rematch.
I liked Goulet because,similar to William Shatner,he seemed to "get the joke" and be able to laugh at himself with us.
Thanks to Battlin Bob for the link!

Applebee's restaurant chain has been bought by IHOP.
The Applebee's here closed years ago and I like IHOP a lot.
Sadly,I rarely go there since the local IHOP has an employee who doesn't seem to realize that that patrons go there to enjoy a good meal,not catch up with him.
The fellow in question isn't a bad person,just someone that cannot realize the above point.

The Pirates AA affiliate,the Altoona Curve will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next year and will be wearing uniforms based from the 1920's for all Sunday home games.
The design looks great and the idea is good as well.

One of our forgotten superstars is returning to the game.
Ted Simmons has been hired as the Brewers bench coach.
Maybe his return to the field will help get him more recognition for the great career that Simmons had.

A small maneuver for the Pirates as Luis Munoz was added to the 40 man roster.
In order to make room for Munoz,Josh Shortslef was designated for assignment.

On the signing front-
Two cards signed from Phillies infield prospect Jason Donald from earlier this season.
Donald was promoted from Lakewood to Clearwater the day of Lakewood's first visit to Hagerstown.

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