Friday, December 21, 2007

Mariners right the Blue Jays wrong-Baseball returns to Pulaski!!

Give a big cheer to our favorite team of the hot stove season-the Seattle Mariners,as the Mariners front office corrected the horrible wrong that was dished out last season to the town of Pulaski,Virginia by the Toronto Blue Jays by returning Appalachian league baseball to Pulaski!
The press conference was held today in Pulaski with the ownership group and Appy President Lee Landers announcing the return of a ten team league and Calfee Field getting baseball back after a one season hiatus.
It is sad that the Blue Jays forced the issue before last season and Pulaski went without baseball,but in the long run-hopefully this can be a positive for Pulaski and the league.
When business is done,the way Toronto did,one has to wonder whether you want a long term relationship with businesses like that.
Here is hoping that the Mariners make this a long term stay and give the town what they deserve-baseball in the summer.
I think that both the Nationals and Pirates missed out on a great opportunity in both Pulaski and the Appalachian League,although I will give the Pirates more of a pass than the Nationals due to the front office overhaul.
But the Nationals were involved in talks to get involved in the league/Pulaski and decided to pass.
I will never understand how organizations can look at the GCL and AZL and think that they are better options for breaking young players into pro baseball than the Applachian or Pioneer Leagues.
The small towns of those levels can be used as a way to break players into being on their own without being in situations where there are too many things to get into trouble on their own time.
All the best to the people of Pulaski,the town itself,Appy President Lee Landers and the Seattle Mariners for righting this wrong.......

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Ryan Heimberger said...

I think you are the only person in the world who prefers the old Mariners trident logo. At least it's better than the "M's" on the baseball!

Shawn said...

The baseball "M's" might be the most plain of all logos in baseball history!

Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

I don't know -- the previous Washington logos were pretty unimaginative, too.