Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Talkin Browns

A few thoughts on the Cleveland Browns as they prepare for their exhibition bow on Saturday against the Packers in Cheesecity USA.

The top news is the release of defensive lineman Shaun Smith,who quickly signed with the Lions.
Smith has never been a favorite of on the field or off and had a run in with Browns coach and former player (who in a touch of irony was a outspoken talker as a player) Bryan Cox,which led to his release.
Smith became a fan favorite in 2007 with his colorful weekly appearances on Browns Red Zone on Sports Time Ohio,but the bloom disappeared last season as Smith became surly with dissatisfied callers on the air and was rumored to have dropped Brady Quinn in a late season fight in the weight room.
The Quinn incident pretty much set the stage for the eventual release.
When you are an average player that often is out of shape,is mouthy as well and has issues with the QB of the future-the clock is ticking-it is just a matter of time.

The Browns moved quickly to add former Texans guard Fred Weary to replace Smith on the roster.
Weary was,at one time, a starter for Houston and adds depth to the line that was hit with a knee injury to Rex Hadnot.
Not sure what to believe on Hadnot's injury as I have heard things ranging from out until the opener and out for the year.
Weary should be a solid replacement at worst for Hadnot...

Cleveland also looks to have either David Patten or Mike Furrey in solid shape to make the team after Syndric Steptoe injured his labrum and will miss the season. The labrum
is a type of cartilage in the shoulder joint and usually is an injury that occurs to baseball pitchers.
The controversy on the Steptoe injury is that it occurred in the rain during a contact practice,when Steptoe was reported to have thought that it was a shirt and shorts style drill.
No word on a possible union grievance.
The battle for the receiver spot might come down to these battles for either one or two spots.
David Patten vs Mike Furrey as a needed veteran backup and Paul Hubbard vs Lance Leggett for the final spot,if they carry six.
Braylon Edwards,Josh Cribbs and rookies Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi are locks to make the squad.

The Browns lost corner Don Carey to Jacksonville after a shoulder injury that put him out for the season.The Browns attempted to slide Carey through waivers so they could then re-sign,but the Jaguars claimed him and placed Carey on their 80 man roster.
Carey was one of the Browns draft picks having been a sixth round selection from Norfolk State.

Look for a quick post that covers the basics of the Browns game at first and then a more detailed look a day or two after as I can break down the tape of the NFL Network replay....

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