Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cleaning out the Inbox

Time for a few sweeps of the inbox before a busy week that begins tonight.
Between work,baseball games every night as the minor season roars near its end,trips to the car dealership and the always popular work inservices,things will be mildly hectic.

We lead off with this-No,I haven't forgotten about blogging our Ohio trip and I hope to do that sometime next week.
I have gotten a few comments about it and wanted to let you know that it is still in the works.

Major League Baseball made an official stat change a few weeks back when an RBI was discovered to be mistakenly credited to Roger Maris in 1961.
Why is this a big deal?
Well,Maris tied for the title with Baltimore's Jim Gentile before the change and now Gentile holds the title alone.
Gentile claims that the Orioles held that tie against him at contract time and had he led the league rather than tying that the team claimed they would have given him an extra five grand.
Should Gentile receive a check from the Orioles?
Maybe,Maybe not,but the team should certainly recognize the achievement with a ceremony or something permanent at Camden Yards.

ESPN had another great article on the history of the Madden football video game series.
Since I bought the PS3 and Madden 2010,I rarely played the game and could have had the new game that was released earlier in the week for free with Visa points.
But,I will not.
Two words might tell you all you need to know on why I wont be buying-Gus Johnson.....
Sorry,EA Sports.

Looks like another new product at Sharpie as Battlin' Bob sends this note on the development of the Liquid Pencil.
Sharpie claims it will erase cleanly for three days before it then becomes permanent.
I'll believe it when I see it-I remember the EraserMate that was going to make ink clean to erase too....

The Battler also sent this note on the city of Hagerstown giving out Florescent light bulbs to low to moderate income families.
As someone that uses the bulbs with enthusiasm,I give the city its due for a good idea!

Finally,if you are up late tonight (as I will be) wander outside and see if you can catch a glimpse of tonight's Perseids Meteor Shower and their peak.
Whether you are a space junkie or just like looking at amazing things,it is well worth the time....


Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

I personally prefer the NCAA Football series on PS3, even if does have Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso

Shawn said...

I prefer the NCAA game as well,I suppose because I like Herbstreit and Corso is fine in small doses.

Although,the game needs to sign up Brent Musberger as well.
Musberger has grown on me through the years and no one exudes the "big game" feel like Musberger....

I don't ever see me buying a game with Gus Johnson as its voice,unless it has the "announcers off" feature like MLB the Show does....