Thursday, October 21, 2010

Skip Away passes away and more cleaning

The inbox is building up and time for a cleaning with the Devils about to play three games in four days to go with weekend football,I figured this was a good time.

We start with a sad note from May as my favorite all time racehorse passed away at the age of 17.
I was just checking on Skip Away as I do a few times a year on Google to see how he is and discovered his passing from a heart attack.
Some of you may remember Skippy as his days as a dominant horse of the mid-late nineties with his classic Jockey Club Gold Cup win over Cigar and perhaps others may remember him as the only thoroughbred member of our Forgotten Superstars series and this article.
The YouTube clip is not of his three most famous wins as I posted all three of those on the previous post,but the fan visit video is a super addition to this post.
I picked the Iselin win as an example of Skippy's heart as he carried far more weight than Stormin Fever,but gutted out the win.
I wont get in depth on his career as that can be found by clicking the link,but I will always have the memories of Skippy as I made a two disc set of the career of Skip Away on DVD of his races a few years back.
Perhaps tonight is a good night to revisit an old friend.
Rest well,Skippy.

I haven't had a chance to watch ESPN's film on the late Tim Richmond yet,but I am really looking forward to it.
I wasn't a huge NASCAR fan in the day,but Richmond was my favorite driver mainly because after his debut,my grandfather gave me an autographed photo of Richmond.
Grandpa worked for the manufacturing company that the Richmond family owned and got it for me.
Look for a Forgotten Superstar feature on Tim Richmond in the future.

The New Jersey Devils have a new addition to their broadcasting team as Chris Simpson joins the MSG unit.Simpson will be a host when Doc Emrick is unavailable and Steve Cangelosi moves to play by play.I liked Simpson's appearances with Versus and Rogers Sportsnet,so I look forward to her work on the broadcasts.
Now can she do anything about the poor play recently???

Thanks to Battlin' Bob,who sent our recent blog on the Hagerstown Suns stadium issues to each of the members of the Hagerstown City Council and the Mayor.
Only Mayor Bob Bruchey and Council member Forrest Easton replied to the Battle and I was quite impressed with the reply of Easton,who is running for Register of Wills of Washington County,but appears to be running an uphill battle (Pun intended) against a better funded candidate.
If you live in the county,toss Easton a vote in a few weeks,seems like a decent guy.

Looks like more controversy in the 1970 Kent State shootings as more professional work on an existing audiotape appears to show that an fire order was given.
I would not go as far to say that the case is solved or closed,but it gives even more credibility to to requests for a new investigation into one of the most remembered moments of the past century.

Photo Credits
Skippy:Tod Marks

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