Thursday, February 3, 2011

Danny Rosenbaum Interview-Part 4

Our five part interview with Danny Rosenbaum continues today with part four.

TRS: What was your favorite SAL park to visit and which were your least and why?

DR:My favorite was either Lakewood, Greenville or West Virginia, those are all great places to play at, great atmospheres. Least was Asheville, because of that 300 ft fence. I'm glad I didn't have to pitch there.
TRS:  Do you train full time in the off season or do you work a job (full or part time)?
DR: Yeah,I train 5 days a week, full go. I give my body a little break after the season and then get back to work to get my body ready for the upcoming season. Working wise, I do some things for my dad, he sells video games and I'm his assistance basically. I also give lessons to about 5 kids and try to sell some stuff on eBay. I'm trying to find anyway I can to make money.
TRS:  Your numbers at both Hagerstown and Potomac were tremendous especially compared to your stats at Xavier.
You are now appearing on the prospect radar,do you read any of these sites or do they hold little interest for you?
DR: It's nice to know that but it really doesn't matter. Every season starts from square one, whether you have a good season or bad season, you can't dwell on that. You have to prove yourself every year.
TRS:Upon your promotion to the Carolina League,did you see a difference in the caliber of play right away?
Any differences in the parks or off the field?
DR: Yeah , I saw some difference, you get to play against some older players that have more experience. Talent wise it's the same, but as you keep moving up you play against more players that are wiser and that play the game more consistently. Ball parks, we played in some pretty nice ball parks, I really enjoyed playing at Winston Salem, Myrtle Beach, and Salem.
TRS:What are your non-baseball interests?

DR: I enjoy doing little projects, I like working with my hands, I enjoy architecture designing things and building them. I also enjoy playing video games like any other guy. And one thing that I have taken interest in, is sign language. I took it in college. I got away from it last year but I'm going to get back into this year because I have so much free time.

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