Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cleaning out the Inbox

Time for a sweep of the inbox,but first a bit of cleaning up.

Sorry,this is late,but was called into work last night and all that entails.
That knocks everything back a bit.
I did have time for the pictures at my parents,so look for a "big ball"universe return next week.
I also plan on a signing front post soon once my coolest addition arrives with the great stuff that I have brought in lately.

My good friend Wooden or Sue Dinem at knows how much I love (or is it loathe? Pretty sure it is loathe) Gus Johnson and sent me this,which is both well done and funny as well.
Johnson (if he was in on this) shows a sense of humor and cements himself as someone that seems to be a good guy to hang out with,even if his commentary makes me want to hang myself...

Sorry to hear of the passing of Rick Martin,one of the three members of Buffalo's classic French Connection line of the 1970's.
Martin suffered a fatal heart attack while driving recently at the age of 59.
Martin teamed with Rene' Robert and Gilbert Perrault as the key component of the first contending years of the Buffalo franchise....

Rex Ryan is reporting that Buddy Ryan is again fighting cancer and this time that it isn't skin cancer as Buddy has battled twice successfully in the past.
Best wishes to Buddy in his latest fight and look for more of Buddy Ryan here in the near future...

Texas Tech made possibly the best hire in years in any sport with the addition of Billy Gillispie to run their basketball program.
Gillispie is motivated after the problems that he had at Kentucky and no one recruits the state of Texas better than Gillispie,who turned around struggling programs at both UTEP and Texas A&M in the past.
The bigger question is this-After Billy Clyde turns the Raiders around,can they keep him long term???

From the cola wars department,Diet Coke has passed Pepsi as the nation's second most popular cola brand.
As I am not a huge cola drinker and the Coke family being the least of the bunch for me,I am pretty sure I am not among that group!

ESPN posts this interesting story on the city of Richmond and its basketball craze with two teams (Richmond and VCU) in the Sweet 16.
I would not be surprised to see VCU defeat Florida State,but Richmond has a tough road against Kansas.
It would be neat to see the two schools from a smaller city face off for a trip to the Final Four....

Battlin' Bob sends us this note on Breezewood PA and its wonderful (?) strip that forces travelers on I-70 to twist through its nooks and crannies to get anywhere east of there.
It truly is an interesting article on both Breezewood and how/why it is such an important stop for what seems to be no reason....

I also hope to be working on the Eric Krebs interview soon as well.
It took an interesting turn and we needed to extend it,but I think you will find it worth the wait....

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