Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy 4th anniversary!

Today marks the fourth anniversary of this endeavor,which is about three years and nine months more than I thought it would last.
It is hard to believe that I have stuck with this for this amount of time,but I enjoy doing it,but also looking back from time to time to see how right or wrong I was about things and also how I have changed in four years.

You can disagree with this if you wish,but I believe that one never truly matures.
We just advance to various stages of life and gains experience from each.
I might have matured for a parent of a teenager through my experiences,but I am learning on the job with the ups and downs of dealing with an adult child and his experiences after the leaving of the nest.

I am also pleased that we seem to turning a corner here as well.
Our readership has doubled over the last six months and continues to grow.
I still wish that we saw more comments from those of you out there,but there is always room for improvement.

I enjoy looking at the various places that we gain regular readers from,especially when it is clear to me that I have never met the person or mentioned the blog to and wonder just how they found us as well as why they enjoy reading.
Another issue is checking out the links that referred us and two posts that have ranked among the top that bring readers here are the space post from last year,which seems to be the deep space picture that I posted that does the trick and the recent forgotten superstars post on Carlos Monzon.
Monzon has brought the blog the most readers ever from non-North American locations.

Time for a few thank yous to the people that help make this go.
Of course,I cannot start any list without the person that means more to me than anything and gave the idea for this to begin with-the lovely Cherie.
Thanks to Ryan,The Jeff and Battlin' Bob for their contributions that show up most often in the cleaning of the inbox.
All three of them send me things that have an above average chance of being seen in that regular feature.
Thanks to "Sue Dinem" for his words and referrals from NationalsProspects.com.
A special thanks to the folks that have been so gracious with their time for interviews,such as Erik Arnesen,Danny Rosenbaum and Eric Krebs.
We have three more interviews on tap after the current one with Eric Krebs,one from baseball,one from hockey and one from the world of autographs.
And finally, a word of thanks to the person that might be our biggest fan.
Thanks to "Big Don",who is always giving me input and compliments and makes me feel that someone out there cares about our little space in the blogosphere.

Thanks again for dropping by and celebrating,,I hope we do this again for year five.
Don't forget to grab some cake as you leave!!!


Becky said...

congrats on 4 years!!!!

Ryan Heimberger said...

But what if I don't have my cake ticket?

Mike said...

You need a cake ticket..Happy Anniversary!! great 4 years