Monday, August 7, 2017

Cleaning out the inbox- Mostly Non-Sports edition

Time to clean the non-sports inbox and we'll start with someone managing to stick it to ESPN,which I'm usually in favor of!

When ESPN made their massive layoff of both on-air talent and writers on their website,many of which were very talented and which I wondered about at the time-one of the names that I really questioned was Jaymee Sire,who I ranked right at the top of the anchors that I liked best with ESPN retainees Lisa Kerney and John Anderson.
I was a fan of Sire from her time at Comcast Bay Area (Now NBC Bay Area) when I was just starting to watch the Giants and my fanhood developed from there,so I liked her and was surprised to see her name as one of those let go.
Part of all the ESPN "layoff" was that in order to take their buyout package,they couldn't work for another competing network (AKA the Non-Compete clause).
Sire has apparently found her way around that by surfacing at Food Network as a "floor reporter" on an Iron Chef America spinoff named Iron Chef Showdown,hosted by another TRS favorite in Alton Brown of Good Eats fame.
Good for Sire in finding another profile gig and keeping her ESPN money to boot!

USA Today writes of an upcoming change for Coke Zero,which will soon be known as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.
The article says the ingredients are exactly the same,so the recipe must only be mildly changed.
Coke says this tastes even more like original Coke than Coke Zero (like they aren't going to say that),but coming from the company that brought you New Coke,I'll have to be convinced!
Leave it to big business to fix something that isn't broken as Coke Zero was my favorite brand of cola-when I had to drink cola that is!

Former baseball reporter (in Boston and Baltimore) Jen Royle,who after leaving the baseball business is currently a chef,tossed off the gloves in this Twitter battle for the ages against former ESPN'er (and locally in Washington) Britt McHenry.
Royle,who was known for her non-homer reporting,took on McHenry over what was reported to be Royle's NOT owning a restaurant.
The language turned colorful really quickly and reads much better on Awful Announcing than it will here!
I didn't see any of these tweets in "real time",but I lean toward Royle because of the track record of McHenry,who has blamed her ESPN release on her being a conservative and especially for this memorable night against a parking lot attendant....

I'll finish with the passing of former Phillies catcher Darren Daulton at the age of 55 from cancer.
Daulton was such a tough and gritty player that he was one of those guys that was loved by teammates and grudgingly respected by opponents that would have loved to have had him on their team.
The lefty swinger was a pretty average player on the stat sheet with the exception of career years in 1992 and 1993,which were very divergent years for the Phillies ranging from last place to the National League pennant,but I loved watching Daulton play with such hustle and vigor.
Daulton will be missed....

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