Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you!

Today is a day to start 2019 and I'm not a resolutions type person, even though I have some hopes for myself, I won't be posting them here.
Still, I have a few hopes for here though.

Sometimes, I worry that I'm running out of gas here and that there are only so many look backs at past times that connect with sports, television etc that I can come up with.
Then again, one never knows what will pop into my mind and trigger an idea, so that helps me think that we will be fine for a while.

I'd like to return to doing the podcast again, but I'm a bit leery of the cost and the time involved to do it right.
I do miss it though and I was able to talk to so many great people doing that show so I would like to figure a way to make it return.
I also loved my time at Fightheads and whenever Ramon Malpica asks, which he does on occasion, I'll do my best to make that work!

I have some ideas in the pipeline, I'll be doing an Ohio State and Browns year in review and I just realized that I have forgotten to do my Hagerstown Suns recap, so I'll try to do that before spring training begins.

Also, there is always the boxing coverage, which most of my friends don't care about, but thanks to some in the boxing community that retweets those posts on Twitter, boxing brings in the top numbers for hits during the year of late.

It's been a good year and hopefully I'll have more trips and things to say from there.

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