Saturday, January 5, 2019

Ten things I think

Ten things I think and ten that I opine on.

1) If I'm the Cleveland Browns and Mike Munchak hasn't received a head coaching job, if he's available (not sure on his contract situation in Pittsburgh), I'm on the phone to offer him a blank check to come to Cleveland.
Munchak is the best offensive line coach in the game and his addition to the staff would improve the team before any new players are added.

2) I know many on the right are snickering, laughing and even saying Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be disqualified from Congress for a dance video that appeared from her high school years.
Keep in mind, this isn't alcohol or drug-related behavior, it's a teenager dancing and being silly.
I bet almost all of us that were teenagers in the '80s with the first camcorders to the present day phones with video capability have something like this.
I even hear a certain author might have some 30-year-old tapes of wrestling on mattresses in their parents' backyard from their teenage days.

3) I like the West Virginia hiring of Neal Brown of Troy as their new head coach,
Considering the late date and the coaches available, the Mountaineers could have done far worse.
Brown was the second Sun Belt coach to be hired away this year with Appalachian State losing Scott Satterfield to Louisville.
The next one to go next year could be Blake Anderson of Arkansas State and maybe Georgia Southern's Chad Lunsford.

4) An uninspiring slate of NFL playoff games this weekend.
Only the Chargers in Baltimore against the Ravens has more than average interest.
The other three games are all pretty dull on the surface.

5) My friend "Lefty" Koch followed up with me from a Cleaning out the inbox and added that he too has disdain for turkey.
The Koch family has a seafood Christmas, which has some intrigue for a season down the road for me.
If I could still have a turkey breast too, that is.

6) I'm not sure what Ohio State lost as Alex Grinch left Columbus as co-defensive coordinator for Oklahoma for the same position.
I thought the Buckeye defense took a step back last season and it could have been too many cooks with Grinch and Greg Schiano.
Ironically, neither could be a part of the 19 Buckeyes.

7) Am I the only person more excited for the Alliance League of American Football than the Super Bowl?
Other than the Saints with Drew Brees and 20 former Buckeyes, I don't have a ton of interest.

8) I think it'll be really fun to watch the league develop and what happens.
So many leagues come and go, so I'll enjoy it while I have it,
Still trying to decide which team I'll be pulling for between Salt Lake City's Stallions and Arizona's Hotshots.

9) It may be time for my local tv station (WDVM) to die their death.
Since losing their NBC affiliation a few years back, it's been nothing but a mix of the worst of local news and a simulcast of something called the Heroes and Villains network
Sometimes it is best to just fade away.

10) Doesn't everyone have a few foods that they say they like, but if they eat more than once or twice a year, not so much?
One of mine is Spam, which once or maybe twice a year, I really love (fried, yellow mustard, cheese whiz, and onion), but more than that and I get tired of it.
My other Spam issue?
I have to have Spam, not the house brand or the lesser brand Treet or god forbid Dak!
Just Spam, which likely tells you how good Spam is for me!

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