Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Cleaning out the Inbox

    It's been quite a while since I cleaned the inbox and surprisingly it's not nearly as full as usual although the recent passings are starting to pile up a bit. 

I seem to find these a lot for the inbox but yet another rare colored lobster has been caught, this one in Maine.

The "Cotton Candy" Blue Lobster doesn't look much more remarkable than the average blue lobster (which is a rarity itself) but the picture of "Haddie" doesn't do it justice as she is reported to have every color BUT blue in her shell and under lights has an oyster shell color to the shell.

Haddie was shipped to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, New Hampshire to live out her remaining days.

It may not have the same resonance as Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle", but  "Trash Can across the Atlantic" showed just how the Gulf Stream can work as it carried a beach trash can with the stickers from the city of Myrtle Beach South Carolina to Ireland on a trip that carried it over 3.500 miles from Myrtle Beach.

No idea how long the voyage took for the waste receptacle but when it arrived in Ireland, it did have barnacles on some of its surface.

ESPN writes a terrific article on the fiftieth anniversary of the 1971 Nebraska-Oklahoma "Game of the Century with comments from figures from both sides including Nebraska's 1972 Heisman winner Johnny Rodgers and Oklahoma star Greg Pruitt with coaches from both teams as well.

When the college football community celebrated its 150th anniversary two years, the game was voted the greatest game ever with the 1971 Cornhuskers earning the title of the best team ever and the 1971 Sooners winning the vote for the greatest team with one loss.

The Hustle tells the story of the University of Florida and just why they receive twenty million dollars a year from Gatorade.

The inventor of the sports drink, Dr.Robert Cade, discusses why there was the need to invent such a beverage, the business arrangement behind the scenes, why the University gets paid, and why they could have been making two to three times the amount each year had they been a bit more forward-thinking.

The Pepsi Co. which now is in charge of Gatorade has attempted to change the face of the product with changes to the logo that uses a "G" rather than the traditional Gatorade logo but despite efforts to change or eliminate an agreement with the Gatorade trust, Pepsi is still paying those rights fees every year.

We wrap up with the Hagerstown Herald-Mail writes of the future Atlantic League team coming to Hagerstown for 2023 asking the city to have Municipal Stadium remain available for the 2023 season in the event of the new downtown stadium not being completed for the opening season.

The "Supply Line Disruption" has the owners and the Atlantic League concerned that they may have some issues in being able to procure the needed materials on time to have the stadium ready for business.

Municipal Stadium was scheduled for demolition in 2022 in order to prepare for a sports complex that has been a pet project of city councilman Kristen (yes, that's his name) Aleshire for years even when the Hagerstown Suns were attempting to finance a new stadium, so the council would have to approve keeping Municipal standing for another year in case it would be needed.

This of course has made the councilman unhappy but Atlantic League rules do require teams to have an alternate place to play when a new stadium is built to house a new team in case of potential construction issues.

I'm not sure how many times each season that I'll be visiting the new park but I'd definitely go to a game or two played at Municipal even if only to say the goodbye that the pandemic didn't allow me to say in 2020.

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