Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas to those of you that read TRS on a regular or occasional day.

It hasn't been the best year at TRS or for the country, which constantly takes a step forward and then a step back into ending the pandemic that has taken so much enjoyment from everyone's lives.

As for me, the blog has been more of a slog this year.

I'm not always motivated to write and even though I sometimes want to write, I either don't have time or I don't want to deal with the consequences of my opinions.

Not on sports, mind you, I've been taking those arrows for years but on other topics.

However, the state of the country has drained me and while disinterested would be a term far too harsh, it's difficult when you feel that your point of view isn't being represented by media very often.

I just don't have the energy to argue with people at this stage and considering that I'm not likely to find a home on the left or the right, it has worn me out.

I find it best to stay informed but try to keep things to myself when possible.

I wish I could tell you my plans for TRS in 2022 other than I plan to continue things here.

I want to write, as I noted above, but sometimes I have time and no ideas and occasionally it is the other way around.

I can't lie.

Sometimes sports (Especially baseball) do not feel as important to me anymore.

There are exceptions- boxing. Ohio State football and I am really enjoying the revitalization of the Cavaliers but baseball has gotten me to the point of barely caring, and Rachel doesn't seem as interested in the Devils and without that, I'm not quite as interested either.

Still, I find myself wanting to write more about history in sports and you may see more of that in the upcoming year.

That's enough for now-enjoy your holidays and thanks for sticking with me...

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