Saturday, May 24, 2008

21 years

Please excuse the break from the usual format,but today is my anniversary or as I sometimes like to think of it as my second birthday.

If you are looking for the normal caustic comments,skip now and wait until later today when I post on the horrible Pirate loss and more,but for now,I prefer to think of better things.

I don't have a photo on the PC of us together,so I will have to settle for this picture of the top two ladies in my life that take care of me every day from last year by Lake Erie in Cleveland.

Cherie has been tolerating my behavior and dealing with me for 21 years and she deserves a big medal for just that,but she has been even more than that to me.
As most that know me well know-I carry a huge of amount of baggage and dealing with that has to have been hard at times for her.
However,she has been the light of my life and has made me a better person just by sharing her life with mine.

It does seem that it was just a few years back that I was fortunate enough to marry her and it sure does not seem like 21 years and way too much weight gained since then.
Time does tend to move quickly when you are happy,I suppose and despite my disappointments in various things through the years,our marriage has never been one of those.
I was lucky enough to find the person that I needed in High School staring me in the face everyday and I often think that I would have likely be living a lesser life without her.

As middle age arrives to join with thinning hair,thickening midsection and a general lack of energy to me,I can always smile with the knowledge that the one person that I can count on will always be there for me.

Thank you so much,Cherie for the last 21 years and here is to many more as we age gracefully in your case and sarcastically in mine!

Happy Anniversary!

Photo Credit
Cherie and Rachel in Cleveland-Some guy


Mike said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

The Bag of Health and Politics said...

Happy anniversary!!! Your wife tolerating you for 21 years--she must have a lot of patience! (/snark).

Seriously, it's always great to see a marriage that works out over the long haul. There are too many which fail these days. Congratulations to both of you! And may there many, many more anniversaries.

Shawn said...

Amen to that one,Mike!
She has the patience of Job to deal with me every time the sun rises!