Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Ramblings

Time for a little thing that we like to call Random Ramblings.

First off,we would like to offer some get well soon to Mike at our neighboring blog-Bag full of Health and Politics.Mike just had surgery,so wanted to toss some get well wishes his way.

Our man in Japan,Brandon Siefken,sends us this very in depth article on the latest Japanese pitching sensation in Yu Darvish.
A very interesting read on a seemingly different type person than the past players that have come stateside from Japanese baseball.
Now if I can just get Brandon to send me a game or two to be able to scout Darvish early,like I was able to look at Daisuke Matuszaka before most!

Battlin Bob sends us a neat piece on the efforts to save at least part of Tiger Stadium from the New York Times.
The preservation group is attempting to raise money to keep the main grandstand and then use the standing part for amateur play.
Tiger Stadium was always one of the cooler places to see a game and it would be terrific if they were able to preserve some of it.
It just would not seem right for a total demolition.

The Hagerstown Suns return to town tomorrow with a two baseball card promotion.
The cards are Chris Marrero and a player that the person I talked to could not recall.
I would guess it will be Justin Maxwell,but it could be one of several players.

Looks like some changes in the 2008 trip are ahead.
Greensboro changed their start time on one date and tossed a wrench into things,so a revamp of games may be ahead.
It could be a good thing though,as plans might help us save some dough on gas.

For those of you that cannot open the MSNBC embedded link from the last post,it is not your PC.
I had forgotten from the last time that I used an MSNBC page that it doesn't allow editing after it is put in.
So I couldn't fix it or edit anything after.
Apologies for the problem.

One signing update as retired slugger Fred McGriff signed through the mail.

Weather permitting,I will be going to two of the four Hagerstown-Kannapolis games and on Sunday,in Frederick for another visit from the Lynchburg Hillcats.
Hope to finish the Hillcats stuff that I was never able to do during the first visit from the Pirates High A team.

And finally,a government study shows that the United States can increase its energy level that provided by wind from its current 1 % to 20 % by 2030.
Sounds good,but it will not be a breeze (no pun intended) to get there.
However,it doesn't get there until we get started.

Photo Credits
Tiger Stadium-Fabrizio Constantini-New York Times

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The Bag of Health and Politics said...

Thanks for the get well wishes. I am fine other than a stubborn piece of cotton. Urgh.

You redesigned your blog. I am not sure which version I liked better. But the new one looks nice.

I bet it's Marrero and Tommy Herr!