Thursday, May 14, 2009

On the signing front-South Atlantic Version

The signing front has been hot and heavy lately with teams visiting in Hagerstown and Frederick,along with trading for players from the Eastern League as well.
Since I am going to work soon,this post will deal with the SAL and tomorrow I will work on the Carolina League and the trade arrivals.

The Lake County Captains were the first team of this group to hit Hagerstown and I really didn't have too much for them and their only real top notch prospect-pitcher T.J. House started the night that I was there and I missed him.
The only other catches of note from the Captains were lanky first baseman Chris Nash and third sacker Jeremie Tice.
The Greensboro Grasshoppers were next in town and usually the Hoppers are loaded with talent,but this years team was a bit down.
The Marlins top pick Kyle Skipworth was with Greensboro and would only sign his Razor and 1st USA card as Skipworth sited his Razor exclusivity for being unable to sign other cards.
This does not bode well for our visit to Frederick for Lynchburg next week with Pedro Alvarez as he has exclusive on his Razor card similar to Skipworth.
Skipworth was nice about it and that is all I ask.
Other prospects of note from Greensboro's only visit of the year were pitcher Brad Hand and second baseman Paul Gran.
The final team to hit town was the West Virginia Power and any visit to the area from a Pirate affiliate is a big deal to Battlin Bob and myself,even if the Power were in dead last in the SAL Northern Division.
Quincy Latimore may not be a hot prospect,but he signed everything that you wanted and asked you what you had for him and has a sense of humor as well.
Latimore hit his first homer of the season in Game one of a doubleheader,but dropped a flyball that made the difference in the loss and when I congratulated him on the homer,he responded "Thanks,now if I can catch a flyball,I'll be OK".
Robbie Grossman signed a ball and several cards and as a player looks to be a keeper if his power develops as he matures.
Chase D'Arnaud signed everything and joked about his brother Lakewood catcher Travis as well.When I asked why he has a prospect plus card and Travis didn't,Chase responded "That's because I am a prospect and he isn't"!
Please note that he was not at all serious....
The final prospect in Jeremy Farrell signed all and was nice as well.
The best story of the season was when D'Arnaud was holding court and pitching coach Jeff Johnson was signing.
Johnson overheard Chase and said "prospect plus huh? the great Chase D'Arnaud wearing a State College Spike hat,let me know when you get one wearing a Pittsburgh Pirate hat!"
Brought the house down!

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More on the signing front tomorrow from the Carolina League and trading stuff.

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Mike said...

Have to say Chase had 1 of the nicest signatures I have seen .

Anonymous said...

What do you know about the Greensboro Grasshoppers for Greensboro attractions ?