Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reviewing the tape-How many in a row?

Well,the number is 12 and if you want to be further sickened-try this one,18 of the last 19.
That's right,those are the numbers that Browns fans have had to endure against the Pittsburgh Steelers over the past few years and even though any thinking fan had to know that the Browns had little chance of upsetting the Steelers,the pain wasn't made any easier in a 27-14 loss in Pittsburgh.
Losing to the Steelers and Ravens anytime is bad enough,but sometimes it is tougher than others.
The schedule gets no easier this week with the Green Bay Packers rolling into Cleveland and then a road game at Chicago against the Bears before the Browns get their bye.

Brownie Bits

1) How do you look at things?
Are you a glass half empty or half full person?
Because a half full person looks at this game and sees that if the Browns had taken advantage of many Steeler mistakes that this game could have been won.
The half empty person could argue that even though Pittsburgh made so many errors,they still won going away.
You make the call.

2) D'Qwell Jackson suffered a shoulder injury in the game that forced him from the game and after x-rays,ended his season.
Jackson is the best linebacker on this team,which doesn't mean much but will be a big loss.
Hopefully this will mean more playing time for rookies David Veikune and Kaluka Maiava,so we can see what they bring to the table because other than that small strand,this is nothing but bad news.

3) Josh Cribbs finally threw the ball out of the "Wildcat"formation and threw an incompletion before being intercepted.
The Browns never tried again with the pass from Cribbs and I think that was a bad move.
You established that you can try it,keep the defense off balance!
Instead it was the same old draw up the middle when the formation was used later in the game.

4) I have seen enough of Brandon McDonald and his soft pantywaisted tackling efforts to last me a lifetime.
Corners are rarely sure tacklers,but McDonald seems to attempt to avoid contact!
That would be wonderful,if he was a running back,but a defensive player has to at least look like they are trying to take runners down!

5) Loved the 43 yard gain on the catch by Mohammad Massaquoi.
The rookie from Georgia drops the occasional pass,but that might be because Derek Anderson throws the ball like Goose Gossage.
Massaquoi has the tools to be the best receiver of the "new"Browns and yes,that includes Braylon Edwards.

6) Brian Robiskie actually got to play and caught a pass for 23 yards over the middle.
He was still targeted just three times and that number needs to get higher,but small steps,I suppose....

7) Tight End has went from a rare position of depth to a barren wasteland.
After the release of Martin Rucker(now with the Eagles),Steve Heiden and then Robert Royal have each been injured.
The Browns had waiver pickup Greg Estandia on the field by the end of the Steeler game and may have to start him against the Packers.
Vagabond Michael Gaines was signed to the roster as this weeks backup,in case neither Heiden or Royal can play this week.

8) Wasn't the main selling point on Chansi Stuckey supposed to be his sure hands?
I haven't seen it as he has dropped every pass thrown his way and I mean EVERY.
Perhaps he is having trouble adjusting to Anderson's passes after seeing Mark Sanchez's tosses,but this still raises a lot of concerns when a receiver that is noted for his hands cannot hold onto the ball,especially when he is replacing the generally sure handed Mike Furrey...

9) This was a sloppy game with each team turning the ball over four times,but the difference to me was this-when the Steelers turned it over,they were often in Browns territory,so it wasn't much more than a good punt as far as field position goes.
When the offense is as bad as the Browns was (with the exception of the 3rd quarter TD drive),that can be a huge factor that is often missed in turnovers.

10) Want a sleeper for you fantasy players out there for this weeks game?
Try Kamerion Wimbley.
Green Bay has been riddled with offensive line injuries all year,starter Chad Clifton aggravated an injury last week and all the Packer tackle replacements have made defenders look like stars.
Remember the inflated numbers of Cincinnati's Antwun Odom after his game against Green Bay?

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Becky said...

Shawn, after watching the browns make lousy draft picks, not know what to do with those picks when they had them...(metcalf up the middle comes to mind) up and leave the city and then come back and give us nothing but more of the same and actually worse for the last 25 years that i have been watching them, i think my glass is EMPTY!!!