Monday, August 1, 2011

Pure Bunk???

The trade appeared on the NFL transaction wire,the Philadelphia Eagles announced it,so it was more than speculation,but in the end Brodrick Bunkley is not a Cleveland Brown.
Instead,he will be a Denver Bronco as the Eagles sent Bunkley there instead of Cleveland.
There has to be more to this story as Bunkley never showed at either Eagles or Browns camp and the trade was nullified although the Browns never announced the deal,yet approved it to the league.

The Browns had hoped to add Bunkley to Ahtyba Rubin and Phil Taylor for a three man rotation of run stoppers at defensive tackle,but things were not to be.
I'll have some thoughts once,I have more information on just what happened with this,but the Browns took a hit today and now need to redouble their efforts on landing a veteran defensive lineman from somewhere.

I hope to be back with a post on tonight's Pirates-Cubs game,but no promises.
Please keep in mind that I will be on hiatus for a few days on a baseball trip,so no updates unless I am able to from the road....


Ryan H. said...

I assume the Riddler picture is because "things are not always what they seem"?

Shawn said...