Friday, August 12, 2011

Where have all the flowers gone?

Forgive the interruption of the usual topics and if you are not interested in any personal non sports opinion,you might want to skip this post.

The more that I think about the problems that our country faces currently,the more that I think man never truly learns anything.
Think about this-we still fight wars over territory and religious beliefs just as they have since time began to be kept.
Have we really changed all that much?
Not to me as this things still occur,just using more modern weapons and ways of attack than in those past days.
Does war really need to be continued as a way of settling things?
Well,as adults-we constantly teach our children that violence solves nothing or at least little,yet entire nations and cultures still result in fighting to solve battles.
I am far from a pacifist and I have been noted to toss the fists on past occasions,but there is a huge difference in defending oneself and being offensive.
I am all for defending our country,but is it really needed for our military and the fine people that defend our nation to be involved in offensive matters other than on the extreme occasion?
Last I checked,the term is the National Defense,not National Offense.
I am not a person that wants to eliminate defense spending or remove our military entirely,but I would like to see wars that are someone else's business be fought by the people that are involved,not my country all the time,for both reasons of fiscal and human varieties.
I would rather see money used to shore up borders that can be used to hurt our country on land,air and sea to keep dangerous people out and where they belong than fighting wars that kill some of our most courageous young people in a place that often does not affect the average American.
Imagine the good that could be done with a small reduction of funds in a world that has become even a bit more harmonious.

But I suppose my main point is this-shouldn't man have evolved past this by now and figured out a better way?
That may be Utopian thinking and I will concede that after so much talking,it does not do a whole lot of good at times,but last I checked,generations of terrific people did not pass away due to talking and negotiating.
Perhaps man is too flawed to ever truly figure a way to decide things that do not involve which side has the bigger arsenal or which side has the crazier leader.
For all the things that man has improved on,he has yet to figure out one thing-how to get along with man......

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