Monday, January 9, 2012

Cleaning out the Inbox

Time to clean the inbox a bit and we will start with what I have found out about the recent chatter on the Hagerstown/Winchester Suns (makes me think of the old Kansas City-Omaha Kings from the 1970's).

My source is a very reliable one and tells me that the city of Hagerstown will make a charge to keep the Suns in the Hub City and that the last swing will be a strong one.
I cannot say more than that,but allow me to say this-if this turns out to be what I have been told,the Suns will be the guilty party.
The hangup thus far with the Suns and Winchester appears to be over revenue sharing or lack thereof.
Currently,the Winchester offer that would not include revenue sharing is one that the Suns are not thrilled with.
My concern is this-If Winchester comes up with a revenue sharing offer that the team likes-is that the end game?
My source says-very likely.....

The source adds this and this is a surprise to me-there is an Atlantic League team following the Hagerstown Suns situation very closely and is ready to pounce on the Hub City if the Suns are destined to leave.
Of course,affiliated baseball is much preferable to me and I am sure most fans,but that does say something about the market,if an Atlantic League (The Atlantic League is the Cadillac of Indy ball) owner thinks that highly of the potential here.
Still rather have the Suns,mind you,but this is an acceptable backup plan for me,if not others....

You know how much we love uniform and logo talk,so here is some chatter about some of the NBA uniform changes.
Sadly,the Cavaliers are doing more of those hideous "Cavs Fanatics" on certain home nights this season.
I saw one of them last season and my vision still has not cleared!

Teams with ABA connections through their pasts or the city that they currently play will occasionally wear ABA togs this season.
I love the "Texas" Chapparals of the Spurs,although I like the classy Spurs unis as well and the Minnesota with the Muskie logo and nice colors.
The Memphis golds have a good look as well,although they might be a love em or hate em type..

ESPN's Rob Parker says Atlanta is the worst sports town in America.
Atlanta might be just that,although I would say Miami gives it a strong challenge.
My theory on large Southern cities is that the weather just gives them more things to do and sports are not as important to them as to Northern residents,who sit inside in the winter and like to watch games in the summer.
As a result,sports are not as high on the civic community as you drift further south....

Sorry to hear of the passing of former New York Giant outfielder Don Mueller at the age of  84.
Mueller was part of the shot heard round the world game in 1951 and injured his ankle sliding into third on Whitey Lockman's double shortly before the Bobby Thomson homer.
Mueller's career season was with the 1954 World Champion Giants hitting .344 and a league high 212 hits....

Rare video of former Toronto Maple Leaf Ian Turnbull's five goal game was discovered recently and my friend Rick Ambrozic was part of the find.
The video was found by a contractor that was demolishing a house and found around a thousand Betamax tapes inside.
I have never given up on finding stuff that supposedly does not exist,like this game and the "Bing Crosby" copy of the seventh game of the 1960 World Series.
It only takes one person to tape and keep something.
Rick runs a website RicksTv  that can be found on the link.
Congrats to Rick and the others involved!.
Now when do I get my copy???

Brian Burke says the trend of less fighting in hockey is a "dangerous trend".
Burke's contention is that without the threat of dropping the gloves,dirty stickwork,elbowing etc will continue to rise and therefore make such play increase.
I tend to agree with Burke on this.
When the players police themselves,you get a better game....

Finally,this link has been in the inbox since before Christmas-seven great old time commercials on hockey toys.
Where else can you combine Doug Harvey,the late,great Phil Hartman,Snoopy and Woodstock.the Wayne Gretzky doll and something called Mice Hockey???
Here is one for free,but check the rest out....

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