Thursday, January 19, 2012

Latest on the Hagerstown/Winchester Suns

Just a update on the Hagerstown Suns possible move today.
I received quite a few notes on the Ballpark Digest post,so I figured I would address it today.
A reader of ours sent our first post on the topic to BD and was blown off with a "there is more going on than he knows about".
Well,other than I overlooked interest from Kinston NC,which I should not have forgotten about,most of what he writes in the link are things that we already covered over the last month.

However,I do have a few new pieces of information from two different sources.
Please remember although my sources do not deceive,these things are fluid to say the least and rumors at worst,so please keep that in mind...

If Winchester VA is a contender and is willing to build a new park -an available site that currently houses a vacant office building could fit the bill.
I have been to Winchester a handful of times,but never in their downtown,so I have no idea on suitability,but it is something I have heard.

You have heard Winchester Va and Wilmington NC as contenders and Kinston is a strong contender that I have overlooked,but a credible darkhorse on the scene is Columbia SC.
Columbia has been without pro baseball since 2004 when their SAL entry the Capital City Bombers left town to become the Greenville Drive.
One source goes as far to say that Columbia is the city that no one is talking about,yet has a real shot of pulling this off....

My other source tells me that the Atlantic League interest in Hagerstown comes from a owner in the league right now that would like to own their own team in the league and would be willing to jump right in.
This sounds more like an AL expansion than moving a current team to me.

Finally,the Hagerstown offer is based on a plan that the city has approved,but has yet to hear from the county for help.
Have to give the people in city government credit so far,but my source seems to believe that some of the decision makers truly are in denial about the team leaving.
One cannot blame them with the past track record,I suppose,but the county commissioners are leaving the door open for another city to drive through as long as they dither and bicker.....


Ryan H. said...

Not too interested in independent baseball. What are Atlantic League ticket prices like?

Shawn said...

In many cases,a hair higher than the current product.
I'll have to look into it.
If Indy ball is the alternative,it is something,but my attendance at the Muni in that event will be a little smaller,at minimum.