Monday, January 23, 2012

On the signing front-

A brief post to knock some more cards off the pile from the signing front as we finish off the Hagerstown Suns season and make more progress on last years minor league stuff.
An extra long day at work yesterday caused me to miss the Devils and Cavaliers posts on their losses.
I may try to return later with short posts on those or may do a feature instead.

The Suns final two opponents were from the Hickory Crawdads (Rangers) and Lakewood Blue Claws (Phillies).
Notable additions

Jurickson Profar-one of the games top prospects is not the best signer in the world.
Jake Skole
Cody Buckel-Buckel tends to smear almost every card that he signs.
It did not seem deliberate to me,but others were having the same issue.
Luke Jackson-Diminutive Tim Lincecum look alike was very nice
Kellin Deglan-Ranged from good one night to not so good the next-my experience was OK,thanks to Corey Cunningham for helping with Deglan while I was getting others..
Former big leaguers Storm Davis and Jason Hart were both excellent signers,especially Davis post-game.

Jesse Biddle-One of the nicest players in 2011
Anthony Hewitt
Cameron Rupp

I finished up the Kinston Indians in Frederick after a less than great evening in their first visit after the release of their team set.
Pitchers Trey Haley and Giovanni Soto were the most notable additions.

Thanks to my good friend Kendall Morris for his help with the Lynchburg Hillcats while I was in Tennessee.
Without Kendall's help,I would have missed out on the Lynchburg team set among other cards.
Andrelton Simmons
Chris Masters
Christian Bethancourt
Joe Leonard
Todd Cunningham
Luis Salazar-former big leaguer and Hillcat manager.

Kendall also got me two Portland Sea Dogs in a trip to Bowie in pitcher Chris Balcolm-Miller and outfielder Jeremy Hazelbaker.

Thanks also to Jason Christensen for these players from his travels-Matt Stark,Rod Allen,Curt Smith and Kevin Hooper.

Football through the mail
Former Packers and Cardinals running back Donny Anderson
Former Broncos tight end Riley Odoms
Former Saints kicker Russell Erxleben

Hang in there folks,if you know you have helped me and I have not mentioned you yet,it is because your stuff still is on the pile!

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Ryan H. said...

I'll assume my Donnie Anderson autograph is waiting for me.

Thanks :)