Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cleaning out the Inbox-II

We will attempt to finish the inbox cleaning today with some more different items that have caught my eye.

A 27 pound lobster?
Rocky was caught recently in the appropriately named Rockland,Maine and he is a monster.
Supposedly,Rocky would not taste that good,if he were on a dinner plate as lobsters do not carry their flavor as well into old age.
Rocky will spend his golden years at the Maine State Aquarium rather than take his chances in returning to the ocean.

The film "Billy Jack" has always been a guilty pleasure,despite it's being more and more dated as time goes by and the sometimes hilarious (Unintentionally) acting and fight scenes.
A recent showing on one of the movie networks brought it to mind and I looked up info on the film.
Here is an interview with the main heel of the film, David Roya,who played "Bernard Posner",which was always pronounced BERN-ERD in the film for some reason.
Roya's performance was the best in the film as acting goes,which is kinda like me winning a bodybuilding contest with Abdullah the Butcher,but I digress.
Apparently Roya did not get along well with director,producer,star Tom "Billy Jack" Laughlin during the film or afterwards....

The NFL's blackout policy might be far from great currently,but it used to be worse-as in the home games were not on TV anywhere in the home team's area,sellout or not.
But Richard Nixon,of all people,offered the NFL a compromise that the league might have preferred to the current policy and the league turned the offer down.
Nixon wanted the blackouts on playoff games lifted and then Nixon would help keep all regular season blackouts intact.
Pete Rozelle refused and the next year the current policy was inacted,which I believe enabled the NFL to roll past baseball as the national sport....

Give Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post credit-she can write satire!
Her roasting of Maryland football coach Randy Edsall did not just burn Edsall a bit,she cooked him to a formless char in her column!

This is hilarious as a kindergartner refused to color the Kansas Jayhawk for school because she was a fan of the rival Kansas State Wildcats!
Read the link for the bargaining session for five year old Emma Burton to color the Jayhawk,her various refusals and insistence/apology on coloring the Wildcat!
Good for you,Emma!!
For an even more detailed story,read Emma's mom's blog Bug Bytes for more on the issue!

Yahoo is doing a series on ten reasons it is great to be a fan of each baseball team.
The Giants are finished and can be found here,while the Pirates and Indians have yet to be posted....

As a long time fan of Petula Clark and her 60's pop songs (Hard to believe she turns 80 this year),I was pleased to find the song below with PC helping out the Irish band the Saw Doctors in a cover of her classic Downtown!
Great stuff!

Photo Credits
Lobster: Maine State Aquarium
Emma's picture: Bug

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