Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I wonder....

I enjoy going to games.
Duh,that's a given,but going to the Muni adds even more because often I run into former players of mine.
Kids that I coached are now grown men that usually have some kind words and ask me why I do not coach anymore.
Well,that is for a variety of reasons,time,loving the scouting of prospects,autographing etc,but honestly one thing that remarkably is not the case is feeling too old.

Oh,don't get me wrong-I feel old physically at times.
I'm way too large (to be generous to myself) and the wheels are too rusty to feel young,but I don't feel old mentally.
I have always related pretty well (I think ) to kids of certain ages and because I am,in many ways,a child that never grew up,I think that helps to keep you sharp.
I like being who I am and I like to believe that helps me with kids and often times teenagers.

I have players that have reached thirty years of age,so I easily could have had players that had parents play for me,had I never left,so that could make one feel old,but I don't think that would bother me much,if at all...

At 44,I do not relate to everything,especially music and dress,but I think many of the other topics,I do OK in.
I always tried to be a players coach within reason,I remember during one rebuilding program spending much of a game getting pounded in talking to one of my better players about the comparative strengths of the Klingon and Cardassian Empires from Deep Space Nine.
I think that has much to do with why young men that are now adults come up and chat with the old coach.
That then leads to the next question (s)-Why did you quit and would you consider coming back to coach my child when ready?
I quit because it felt right.
I loved my time and one of my best friends today is a former player,but I am not sure that I am up for the stress of coaching kids anymore.
Not because I'm too old,but because I ironically might have regressed.
My responsibilities and priorities have changed somewhat,but I have more freedom then I did then.
One child out of the nest helped with that and I feel younger than I have in a long time,with more flexibility with my time than in the past.

I have the time to return and the energy,so why not?
Never say never,but I learned a while ago-Do not mess with happy and I am happier than I have been in a long time.....

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