Friday, August 24, 2012

On the signing front

A quick mail version of the signing front for non-baseball stuff that has dribbled in via the mailbox,so that I can put those away.
I have filled up 2 500 count boxes of stuff signed since the last signing front with more sitting here with the season ending soon,so I'll have plenty of signing front news as the winter approaches as well as binders and plastic sheets to buy to go with it!!!

Former WLAF quarterback Mike Perez
Former Cardials linebacker E.J.Junior
Former Cowboys defensive end Ed "Too Tall" Jones
Former Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander
Former Georgia head coach Vince Dooley
Former Browns linebacker Mike Johnson
Former Steelers quarterback Terry Hanratty

Former Inter-Continental champion Honky Tonk Man-HTM added a note that has become infamous in our family since its arrival!!!
Former Masters champion Craig Stadler
Actress Jamie Lyn Sigler of Sopranos fame-Thanks to Brandon Diehl for his help with that!!!

That clears a little space,but signal permitting,I will be back from work with more vacation talk!!!

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