Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation-All I ever wanted...

Ten days off from work and ten days away from here.
This might have been the longest hiatus that I have ever taken from here,but I had things to do and now I had a hunger to come back and now is that time.
I want to clean the inbox first and then talk about my downtime in the next post.

Former NBA forward Dan Roundfield drowned in Aruba in an attempt to save his drowning wife from the undertow.
Roundfield was able to aid his wife,who survived,but drowned himself in the attempt.
Roundfield played for the Pacers in both the ABA and NBA along with stints with the Bullets and Pistons,but spent his best years in Atlanta as a Hawk,where he made three All-Star teams.
Words cannot truly describe the respect that I have for Dan Roundfield,who gave his life to save his wife.
Considering that,his sacrifice was worth it.
Roundfield was 59 years old....

Former WBA Heavyweight champion Michael "Dynamite" Dokes passed away in Akron at the age of 54 from liver cancer.
Dokes was one of the most talented heavyweight in the 80's,but despite winning the WBA title,never seemed to live up to his ability.
Dokes won the title with a one round knockout of Mike Weaver and then drew with Weaver in the rematch in a great fight that most felt Weaver had the edge in.
Dokes would lose the belt in his next defense via 10th round KO to Gerrie Coetzee at the Richfield Coliseum and would never hold the title again.
Dokes would be best known for his terrific battle against Evander Holyfield in which Holyfield prevailed again with a stoppage in the 10th round.
Dokes was stopped by Riddick Bowe in the first round in his final attempt to regain the heavyweight title.
Dokes  had so much ability,but much like his counterpart Greg Page,took the game too easily and as a result must be looked at as a disappointment,despite becoming a champion.

ESPN does some digging and may have found the person that designed Mr.Met.
The fact that the Suns sold Mr.Met merchandise at the Muni might have been the one positive thing that I can say about the Mets two year run at the Muni.
What can I say,I like some mascots!

There was an 80 year old lobster that was headed for the boiling water,but was saved by Don McKenzie,who then had the big boy released in an area that does not allow lobster boats,so he looks pretty safe to live out his years.
I cannot see why someone would want to buy a lobster that big either from respect or more likely that a crustacean that old would likely not taste as good as a younger lobster...

I stumbled across this website that wants to return the NBA to Louisville.
As a huge fan of the ABA's team in Louisville,I must admit that this has appeal to me,but not at the expense of the deserving fans in Seattle.
I will keep an eye on the site and have my fingers crossed for Louisville to be second in line...

More to come tomorrow as I ramble on about the ten days away and for the beginnings of the end of the in person autographing season....

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