Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reviewing the tape-Ravens nip Browns 23-16

After missing the second half and then foolishly forgetting the laptop last night,I finally have time to discuss the now 0-4 Browns loss in Baltimore 23-16 Thursday night.
Cleveland took the game down to the final play,but Brandon Weeden threw out of the end zone on the games final play.
Weeden finished with over 300 yards passing on the game,but the Browns only touchdown came on one yard Trent Richardson rush.
Phil Dawson slammed three field goals of over 50 yards for the remaining points.
Cleveland will travel to New York next week and the waiting Giants...

Brownie Bits-These are a "bit" scattered due to me taking notes while watching the tape.
These are not in order of importance..

1) Greg Little reminds me of flashy shortstops that make the difficult play and then kick the easy one.
Little made two difficult plays and dropped three more,one of which would have put the ball on the Baltimore one.
I have supported Little thus far,but the drops are becoming harder to take...

2) The pictured hit on Josh Cribbs was a clean one,I thought.
When you cannot hit players with the arm/shoulder,then the game needs to become touch football.
It pains me to say it,but that was just a good clean football play...

3) Good night from the defensive line as they kept the pressure on Joe Flacco,
Jabaal Sheard had his best game this season and I really like what I have seen thus far from Billy Winn.
There was even a John Hughes sighting as he cleaned up on a pressure from Winn to earn a sack.

4) The punting game needs to be addressed soon.
Reggie Hodges has just not gotten the distance that he had before his Achilles injury and teams are getting better field position than they should.
I would not be surprised to see a punter audition soon...

5) I thought Brandon Weeden was OK.
Not great,but not awful.
Much of his yardage came because he threw 52 times,but averaged a small 6.2 yard per attempt.

6) One thing about Weeden is that he seems to miss a large percentage of his incompletions high .
That tells me that he puts too much on the ball and needs to work on touch...

7) Not enough Trent Richardson.
The Ravens took him out of the game with 47 yards,but only 14 carries.
If you want to base your offense on the running game,Richardson needs more than 14 carries...

8) Very predictable play calling.
Pass on first down,maybe a run on second and pass on third.
No mixing up things up,no variation.Blah.

9) The secondary continues to miss Joe Haden as expected.
The Browns left the game with both safeties T.J. Ward and Usama Young with injuries.
Dmitri Patterson made 11 tackles,which sounds nice until you realize that if a corner is making that many tackles,he is having a lot of passes caught on him...

10) Anquan Boldin is the exact receiver that the Browns lack-A veteran that just catches the ball and runs solid routes.
Cleveland has no one that fills that bill,which is some of why this team struggles a bit in the passing game...

11) Phil Dawson's three 50 yard or longer field goals added him to a short list of players to accomplish that,as he was only the seventh ever to do that in a game.

12) Still very tired of Pat Shurmur's "extended handoff",a play that sees a 3 yard pass play when you need 15 yards for a first down.
I know that is the West Coast philosophy,but on this team,it does not work.

13) I think the NFL has reached its overkill point with Thursday night games every week of the season.
It's too much and I think it will be a mistake long term..

14) I think NFL Network coverage needs to improve.
Brad Nessler is fine at play by play,but Mike Mayock is awful.
I remember when ESPN 2 had the CFL contract and the announcers were Gus Johnson and Mayock.

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