Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten sports stops to make!

Time for another lists posts that will cover ten stops that I would eventually like to make in the sports world!
The list is contained to stadiums and arenas only and ones that I have never personally set foot in...

1) AT&T Park-San Francisco.
Perhaps the most unlikely stop for me hit on this list.
I would like to see in person,the only field that (on TV) rivals Pittsburgh's PNC Park.

2) Ohio Stadium-Columbus
Being a Buckeye fan,this ranks at the top,but I must admit to being a bit hesitant squeezed into a backless seat with over 100,000 people for multiple hours...

3) Ivor Wynne Stadium-Hamilton,Canada
This one is not going to happen as Ivor Wynne is hosting its final season of CFL football in favor of a new stadium for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
Would need a passport though...

4) Wrigley Field-Chicago
This one I can see happening at the historic yard.
If I hit Wrigley,I'd try schedule trips to new Comiskey and Miller Park in Milwaukee as well,since I would be in the area...

5) Gund Arena-Cleveland
This one is likely to happen sometimes.
Cleveland is 20+ years away from needing a new arena,but I always lament never being to an event at the Richfield Coliseum and don't want to let another one get away...

6) Russell Diethrick Park-Jamestown NY
With tonight's affiliate moves (more tomorrow),Jamestown is the town left standing,but only for now.
The Jammers and the coolest hats in the NY-Penn league,if not minor league period will be moving to Morgantown WV for 2014.
I missed out on seeing Grainger Stadium in Kinston,I am going to try find a way to hit Diethrick Park,if at all possible!

7) Fenway Park-Boston
Formerly a park that would be far higher on the list,but between the growing annoyance of Red Sox fans and from what I have heard,a sometimes difficult time buying seats that are together to sit with ones pals,Fenway has dropped on the list.
Still one that I would like to see though...

8) Doyt Perry Stadium-Bowling Green Ohio
The stadium for my favorite MAC school makes the list and this is doable down the road.
MAC football games are fun to go to as they have plenty of atmosphere,yet are not packed to the gills either.
The Doyt is the smallest stadium in the conference,so it seems to me to have more of an Ohio high school game feel,which is a good thing!

9) Prudential Center-Newark
Home of the Devils and likely Rachel's top pick on this list,the biggest issue for me is getting there.
Not wild about driving to big cities and the New York metro area is the biggest.

10) Minute Maid Park-Houston
Minute Maid is clearly the best of the retractable roof stadiums in my opinion and with the Astros being so bad,tickets are easy to get.....

Honorable mention-no particular order
Minor league baseball
Mckechnie Field-Bradenton Florida

Major league baseball
Great American Ballpark-Cincinnati Ohio

Lambeau Field-Green Bay Wisconsin

Taylor Field-Regina,Saskatchewan

College Football
Neyland Stadium-Knoxville Tennessee


Fantasy Baseball Advice said...

Fenway park is no where near as bad as attending Camden yards...talk about annoying fans, Baltimore is where it is at...Fenway such a nicer area and much nicer people, i promise, this is from experience

Shawn said...

I've been to Camden Yards,it was OK.I found it a bit overrated as a park,but not a bad experience