Friday, January 18, 2013

Danny Rosenbaum Interview-Part 2

The Danny Rosenbaum interview continues with part two.
I was going to post the Devils preview but I am waiting until the deadline for the final roster passes this afternoon,so look for that on Saturday....

Danny today talks about the injury that he suffered against the Bowie BaySox and talks about pitching.

TRS: Tell me about any differences in your toolbox in the last year.
Have you been working on a particular pitch or refining something that you already throw?

DR: I tried throwing a cutter towards the end of the year, but I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with it or not. But I'm going to continue to refine everything else.
TRS;  What was the experience like at the Eastern League All-Star game in Reading?

DR: Even though I didn't pitch it was awesome.  Just so honored to be apart of it. I got to meet some great players.
TRS: You have always been a fast worker,do you think that your speed keeps you in rhythm or it keeps batters off balance more?
DR: It keeps me in rhythm. Also it's not only for me, I do it to try to keep our team in the field behind me on their toes.
TRS: Which pitch do you consider your true out pitch and why?
DR:My true out pitch is whatever is working best that day.
TRS: As painful as it is,tell me about the injury on the Ron Welty(against Bowie) comebacker,did it change your delivery or was it just another injury to get through???
DR: Well it was extremely painful, something I never want to go through again. I saw it come back at me but it was hit so hard i didn't have enough time to react to it. For any kids reading this please wear a cup!
Part three will feature Danny discussing his move to Colorado,how he heard about being selected in the Rule 5 Draft,Coors Field and the Rockies philosophy among others.

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