Monday, January 21, 2013

Danny Rosenbaum Interview-Part 3

The Danny Rosenbaum interview continues today with part three in which Danny discusses his selection in the Rule 5 draft and some talk about his new organization in Colorado..

I am going to try to be back later today with a goodbyes that will feature Stan Musial,Earl Weaver and a belated goodbye to Jack Klugman...

TRS:  Now that you have been drafted in the Rule 5 draft by the Rockies,tell me about the time leading up to the draft,did the Nationals feel confident that you might make it through,did you think it was likely that you would be selected by someone

DR: I believe the Nationals thought I would slide by because of the way the 2nd half of my season went and my injury. I knew I had shot to get picked by I wasn't going to get my hopes up. I thought I had a pretty good shot to get protected but it didn't happen. It was a little disappointing but now it gives me this opportunity. I couldn't be any more thrilled.

TRS: Where were you when the Rockies called and what were your thoughts on the call?
DR: I was at the gym working out with Craig Stammen. The draft started at 10 and I got called at like 10:08. And my first words were "No way!" I was shocked and filled with so much excitement that I couldn't stop shaking the whole day. 

TRS:  The Rockies appear to want to use you in long relief to burn your Rule 5 year,do you feel comfortable in that role?
 DR: I told them I'll do whatever it takes to help out the club. I just want a shot. I've never been in long relief before but I want to learn and to make myself more available. 

TRS: Denver and Coors Field is known as a hitters park and a park that has ate pitchers that had previously been able to keep the ball down alive,have you given Coors much thought?

DR: Everyone that I have talked to since the draft has said to me "you better keep the ball down". But honestly I really haven't. I can't worry about things that I can't control. So I'm just going to take my same approach out there as I always have.
TRS: Has anyone contacted you about any differences in what the Rockies philosophy for their pitchers are compared to the Nationals?
    DR:Yeah, Jim Wright the pitching coach called me and said we want guys that pitch to contact and keep the ball down. But this philosophy is the same everywhere. I'm just doing the same philosophy but in a different uniform.

TRS:  Have you given any thought to what you might have to work on in transitioning to the bullpen-IE-what pitches you may lean on more at first?

DR: No not yet. But as a long relief guy you are trying to eat up innings. So it's going to be similar to starting. I'm just glad I have people to talk to about it like Craig Stammen, who might of been the best in baseball at that role this past season. 

The Rosenbaum interview wraps up in the next segment with some off the field talk....

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