Sunday, September 22, 2013

76-0 and not much to say

It was expected to be a slaughter and it was as Ohio State smacked "the Rattler" Earl Holmes and his Florida A&M team around to the tune of 76-0.
It was so bad that I'm not even doing a recap,just a few bullet points.
The 4-0 Buckeyes host Wisconsin next Saturday night to kick off the Big Ten season.

Olentangy Offerings

1) Florida A&M had one highlight as on the first OSU drive,Kenny Guiton threw an interception in the end zone.
Instead of downing the ball,the player tried to run the ball out,was hit at the five,fumbled and recovered by the Buckeyes.
That about covered the day.

2) Kenny Guiton threw six touchdowns,which tied a school record.

3) Ten different Buckeyes caught a pass,eight different Buckeyes carried the football.
When you talk about emptying a bench,this game is the definition.

4) Ohio State did not run the score up.
Trust me,if they wanted to-they could have scored 100.
In the entire second half,Ohio State did not throw the ball once.

5) Which brings us to this-Why?
Well,someone had to fill the schedule and as much as I hate these types of games,Florida A&M did get a nice payday (one million) and I'm sure that goes a long way towards their budget and some Buckeyes that rarely see the field got to play.Other than that....

6) The Big Ten wants these games to go away when the 4 team playoffs start next season and they should.
I am not as hard on playing MAC teams,although I don't want to play 3 or 4 of them,but 1 or 2 is OK.
The league will need to bulk the non-conference schedules up for the playoffs and they need to,but much of it is luck.
When Ohio State signed up for a home and home with Cal,the Golden Bears were coming off an almost BCS year with Aaron Rodgers and Jeff Tedford was a much sought after head coach.
By the time the game is played? Cal isn't even the best team in the Bay Area-Stanford is and Tedford has been fired!
You can try your best,but some of that is luck.
7) I liked Florida A&M's uniforms.pretty cool,I thought.

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