Sunday, September 4, 2016

Buckeyes bully BG 77-10

The day started slow for J.T.Barrett,who was victimized by a pick six by visiting Bowling Green,but the Falcons were controlled from there as Ohio State would score ten touchdowns from there on their way to a 77-10 victory.

J.T.Barrett threw for 349 yards and six touchdowns along with running for another.
Curtis Samuel ran for two scores and caught a TD from Barrett through the air.
Mike Weber led the ground game with 136 yards for Ohio State (1-0).
Ohio State will host Tulsa (1-0) next week in Columbus.

Olentangy Offerings

1) 776 yards of total offense,which broke the all-time Buckeye record.
Now even at that number,one would think the record was reasonably recent,but the old record of 718 came against Mount Union in 1930!!

2) J.T.Barrett looked poised in the pocket and what I liked best was that he didn't run a lot-just six times.
Barrett is going to have stay healthy and he won't be doing that running excessively-especially in blowouts...

3) Mike Weber looked good on the ground and his numbers could have looked better had he not gotten tripped up a few times by the last man.
I liked Urban Meyer's press conference joke about "the guy that played here last year didn't have that happen often" was hilarious...

4) The one bad thing saw starting defensive tackle Tracy Sprinkle leave the game with a leg injury.
Urban Meyer addressed this as a tendon injury and is likely to cost him his season.
A young defensive line has just been forced to step up....

5) The Buckeyes were expected to try to get the ball in the hands of Curtis Samuel and they did just that with 13 carries and 9 catches.
Samuel is the most dynamic player on the offense-getting him the ball often will open the offense and give more options in the passing game..

6) Nine different receivers with receptions will also allow young players to perform without the pressure of having just one or two that will have to break out...

7) If I had to pick one to be the breakout star of the wideouts,I'd take Noah Brown.
Brown has the best overall skills,although K.J.Hill might wind up being the deep threat/big play artist..

8) For that was good about the offense,let's talk defense with the two interception game by safety Malik Hooker.
Hooker was all over the place and showed fabulous range with a terrific one handed interception that he tipped to himself.
Hooker might be more than a replacement for Vonn Bell as a playmaker...

9) Almost forgotten in all this-J.T.Barrett's seven touchdowns set a new OSU record...

10) Debut for Nick Bosa,who grabbed his first among what I hope will be many sacks.

11) Ohio State finished their run of MAC scheduling without a loss.
The new policy is to not schedule MAC schools which basically I disagree with as I would like to see the money from playing in Columbus stay in Ohio.
I understand the importance of building schedule strength,but I fail to see how games against UNLV, Florida Atlantic and Tulane (all future opponents) will be any stronger than MAC opponents and the dollars go out of state rather than staying in state.

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