Monday, September 19, 2016

Ravens rally bounces Browns 25-20

The Cleveland Browns bolted to a early 20-0 lead by Lake Erie against the Baltimore Ravens and things were looking good.
They weren't very good thereafter as the Ravens scored the final 25 points of the game and walked off the field with a 25-20 win.

Isaiah Crowell rushed for 133 yards and a score (85 on the TD run),while Corey Coleman caught two touchdowns from Josh McCown and was over 100 yards for the day.
Cleveland is now 0-2 and travels to Miami next week against the 0-2 Dolphins...

Brownie Bits

1) A main reason for the Browns struggles was Josh McCown's shoulder injury that he gutted through at the cost of production.
Give McCown plenty of credit for toughness,but every hit took a little more out of him physically...

2) Josh McCown is going to miss time with this shoulder injury and Cody Kessler will get the start in Miami.
Kessler was the third round selection out of USC that many observers (including myself) thought was overdrafted and Hue Jackson made the statement "You'll have to trust me on this one".
Let's see how the first test of faith and trust goes...

3) The late taunting call on Terrelle Pryor was clearly a joke.
Replays show Pryor flipping the ball to the referee and the ball simply came up short.
The referee in question knew it,as he didn't throw the flag and another official threw it-Pathetic.

4) Corey Coleman showed his playmaking ability with two scores and another big gainer.
Coleman has the skills to be a star,but we'll have to see how his strengths (going long) mesh with those of Cody Kessler,who is not noted for a powerful arm..

5) Yes,it was great for the Isaiah Crowell breakaway score and that will add something for defenses to plan for,but take away that run and his carries averaged 2.8 yards.
Going to have to do better than that with a ground game to guide Cody Kessler through...

6) Carl Nassib broke his hand in the second half and will miss the Miami game along with being week to week thereafter.
Too bad as Nassib had gotten off to a nice start for a rookie...

7) Joe Haden picked off two passes and looked a little more like the Haden before 2015.
Good signs for the veteran in his attempt for a strong comeback..

8) The offensive line allowed three sacks and numerous more hits on Josh McCown and helped create the injury to McCown's shoulder.
Cameron Erving will miss time with a pulmonary issue and should be out for a few weeks.
John Greco shifts to center,where he should improve that spot,but guard will be weakened by playing backup Alvin Bailey.
Bailey has played before in Seattle,so he's experienced,but it'll be interesting to see if the line is better or worse with Greco/Bailey than Erving/Greco..

9) Trouble in the kicking game already as Patrick Murray had an extra point blocked (ran back for 2 points for Baltimore) and missed a long field goal.
Considering the problems the Browns had with Travis Coons last season,Hue Jackson could have a very short leash on Murray.

10) Two defenders with big games was rookie safety Derrick Kindred,who played so well that I wouldn't be surprised to see in the starting lineup as soon as next week) and Danny Shelton,who for the second game in a row was disruptive up the middle from his nose tackle position.
Shelton improved a lot from his sophomore to junior season at Washington,so he could be one of those players that take a bit to develop.
Kindred shows potential of being a real hitter at safety and might be a real steal for a fourth rounder...

11) This was a disappointing loss-not because I didn't expect it,but how it occurred.
20-0 lead blown,special teams gaffes,bad officiating and then the loss of Josh McCown all add to a missed opportunity for victory.
In a season that already sees a team overmatched talent wise and now hammered with injuries,those chances aren't going to come up very often...

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