Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Browns sign Jamie Collins

The Cleveland Browns had talked about the importance of re-signing their own players (at least those worth keeping) and were able to back up those words for a change as the Browns were able to keep Jamie Collins by Lake Erie with a four year contract.

It cost the Browns fifty million (26 of that guaranteed) and that's a little bit of an overpay,but not an insane one and the Browns by keeping Collins take a need off their draft board at a linebacker spot.
Collins finished with 48 tackles and two sacks in his eight games as a Brown and in my opinion was the teams best defensive player.

Keeping Collins in Cleveland also brings another positive to the table as the signing is a sign to players in other cities (and future draftees) that there are some positives in Cleveland,
Now,to be honest,Collins got a little more money to stay than he likely would have to go elsewhere and that had just as much (and likely more) to do with his staying,but the Browns had plenty of cap space and why not use it on a player that has proven himself as a top player?
Now,Jamie Collins isn't a impact player (although he's being paid as one),but he's a very good one and if the Browns can continue (Start?) to build a talented defense,Collins will really step to the front.
And with the possible pick of Myles Garrett,Collins could make an impact rushing the passer when he is a 3rd or 4th option on the rush and he was known as an elite level cover linebacker with the Patriots...

There is another plus to this signing coming so early in the free agency season-the Browns now could,should they so desire,use the franchise tag to keep Terrelle Pryor and keep both of their top two homegrown free agents.
This is a bigger deal than expected because when trading a 3rd round compensation pick to New England to obtain Collins,many observers wondered if the Browns could sign Collins and Pryor and if so,could they do it without using both the franchise and transition slots?
The Browns will be able to avoid using both with the signing of Collins.

The Cleveland Browns are paying more than market value to Jamie Collins,but bad teams usually have to do business that way because players are unlikely to stay or come to town otherwise.
Considering the Browns abundant room under the cap,I'm fine with the signing.

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