Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Day After

Yep,it's finally concluded as election 2016 (that began in the first part of 2015) became official as Donald Trump was sworn in.

I'm sure you know my opinion of Trump,I've been pretty open from day one about my dislike-which goes all the way back to the mid-1980's and his destruction of the United States Football League and the loss of a friendship over Trump and my opinions of him.
Still,there are people who I respect for being very intelligent and they are Trump supporters-so I am open to being wrong.

I'd like to see some more Presidential behavior,but when it comes to Donald Trump,I'm dubious of any changes as far his comportment goes.

For all that I think and worry about Trump-I still blame one group and it's not the group that you might think for putting him in position to run the country
That group is the Democratic party hierarchy.
Had the Democratic party not insisted on shoving Hillary Clinton down the throats of a voting populace that wanted no part of her by giving her every break in the primaries and basically fixing the whole process-perhaps we wouldn't be having Donald Trump today.
Hillary Clinton was such an unlikable and flawed candidate and still won the popular vote against Donald Trump.
I blame the Democratic party establishment for all of this.
The results are on their hands.

I'm not a person that roots against our President or our country,although I'm not afraid to criticize either when they are in error,so I'm hoping for the best while expecting the worst.
Win or lose,I'm an American first and I don't root for things to go bad,just so I can say I was right.
I've been wrong so often with Donald Trump-I hope I'm wrong one more time....

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